Women Who Create Interview Series

I imagine you’ve heard of the ‘100 Women’ or ‘365 Women’ projects? Welcome to the WWC Interview Series! This is an ongoing collection of interviews featuring the ideas and experiences of women from all walks of life who run creative businesses, work creatively or are creative by nature and how they navigate the world of work and life. This series and sharing the stories of these women is what inspired the evolution of Women Who Create UK from a sparkle of an idea into what I share with you today… creative coaching, events, retreat weekends, blog and podcast!


Meet Syreeta Challinger

we welcome Syreeta Challinger to the blog to tell her very moving account of running a creative business whilst also caring full time for her husband. Creating something positive and beautiful out of a tragedy yet maintaining to recognise balance and a sense of self. So very inspiring...


Meet Sarah McNicol

Sarah helps smart, hard-working professionals in their 40s and 50s take stock to create the next rewarding and rich phase of their lives through work and life coaching. Those of you in our FB group will have had the pleasure of sharing in Sarah's weekly live fb video posts! Brilliantly inspiring on so many fronts


Meet Ebonie Allard

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Ebonie to the blog to add a punch of power to the start of your week with her infectious energy and entrepreneur enabling skills. Read on to hear the totally inspiring story of how she turned her life on its head to become the business maven she is today and how she helps misfits like many of us to get to where they want to be in their creative business lives!


Meet Wendy Ward

Welcome to MIY studio founder and best selling author Wendy. I was lucky to get to know Wendy whilst I lived in Brighton and am constantly inspired by her drive, creative passion and sheer brilliant business focus. Her no nonsense attitude and keen eye for details continues to propel this women in business to new heights.

sandeep pawar founder of Planes Workshop

Sandeep Pawar

Thrilled to introduce you to Sandeep who runs her company Planes workshop a Brighton based craft and party decoration/styling biz. Each piece of Sandeep’s collection are hand cut, sewn and layered with some of her bigger private commissions taking days to complete… So very worth it as the results are stunning!