What People Are Saying

Want to know what working with me is like? Here’s what my previous coaching clients think!

Karina Lyburn photography

Karina Lyburn - Personal Branding Photographer

It’s been an absolute joy working with Amy over the last few weeks. From the beginning she made it easy to arrange convenient times for our calls around a sometimes unpredictable freelance schedule. The sessions have been structured brilliantly; beginning with a useful check-in, goal setting for each session and then working through them.

Each session is perfectly paced, covering enough to make it feel like you’ve made real progress without feeling overwhelmed. In my time working with Amy we’ve really picked apart the goals I came with and turned them into manageable and actionable steps.

I’ve been equipped with tools that I can take forward and use indefinitely, and I’ve felt listened to, supported and nurtured along the way. Amy clearly genuinely cares about the people she’s coaching; she’s warm, approachable, supportive, easy to talk to and thoroughly dependable.

Liss Cooke - Textiles Designer

The immediate feeling of support that I received after initially reaching out to Amy, was truly invaluable, and genuinely picked me up at a time when I was at my lowest.

I was struggling to have the confidence to even say that I wanted to have my own business! I felt like it sounded totally ridiculous and unrealistic. But Amy’s belief and support in me from the outset, alongside her organised well structured sessions helped me to start to feel like it was really possible!

I went from feeling completely unenthusiastic about all my possible career prospects, to feeling massively motivated about starting my own business for real, practically in the space of an hour. Amy helped me to see and appreciate all the good stuff I’d done so far and helped me to see I was already making a lot of good decisions. As two creative women, naturally we also touched on some creative problem solving, future product ideas and I’ve even got the start of a 10 year business plan to name just a few things we touched on!

After each session we had, I left feeling massively motivated and I truly feel that a massive proportion of my success in my business this year is thanks to Amy’s help and support. Our relaxed friendly conversations have inspired and encouraged me to help achieve my dreams and I’m super excited to see what I can achieve in the next year!



Genevieve Brading - Award Winning Embroidery Designer

I thought you'd understand my industry more than most, considering your craft/maker background. I was looking for a nurturer rather than a ballbreaker, and from your website I felt your approach would suit me.

I wanted a package that would last a few months as I knew I needed time. The package price suited my budget so I was comfortable taking a chance on working together for the first time.

The length of our sessions was just right - enough to chat through things while still needing to stay focused and not endlessly ramble on. You're very approachable, so it was very easy.

Despite some ferocious ambitions, I was in a fragile state when we first started talking, and needed someone to gently coax me back to life. You did that with great empathy and understanding, leaving me in a much stronger state to now tackle those biz goals.

I think being given some accountability and deadlines was important. I'd love to work with you again in the future.