Episode 49 - The Importance Of A Good Read and Some Books We Love

This week Amy and Debbie chat about their reading habits, favourite books they just keep going back to… and how changing up your reading patterns can not only improve the quality of your books but help you get the most out of the content too!

Episode 47 - 5 Common Mistakes Etsy Sellers Make and How To Avoid Them

This week Amy and Debbie chat about a few simple and effective ways designer-makers, who sell online and in person, can improve their sales and creative business on the run-up to the Christmas Holiday season!

Episode 42 - Reflecting on Mental Health Awareness Week

This week Amy and Debbie celebrate national Mental Health Week. Sharing thoughts on running your business and self-care! Plus How they have worked through issues to overcome mental health issues in the past with a few tips on recognising triggers and maintaining their balance for a happier business and life.

Episode 40 - October Goal Setting and Business Seasons

This week Amy and Debbie chat about how they set goals in their business to suit the structure they each have built and kind of life they are designing and discuss big end of year goal setting, financial tips and moving the goalposts!

Episode 39 - Alignment Over Hustle, Putting The End To perfect with Kate Taylor

In this weeks episode, Amy and Debbie have the great pleasure of chatting to creative empowerment coach Kate Taylor about Alignment over hustle, putting an end to perfection and her awesome new coaching tool the Practical Magic Activation Deck project.

Episode 37 - Finding Your Creative Community

In this weeks minisode Amy and Debbie chat about the importance of finding your creative community online or in person… and some tips on how to do this with intention and confidence. Hopefully this episode will inspire you to get out and meet your peers over the coming weeks!

Episode 36 - Crushing The Can't with Sophie French

This week we are super excited to be chatting with the gorgeous Sophie French! Creative coach, business mentor, writer and speaker, this lady packs a whole lot of positive energy into everything she does to help her clients achieve the dreams they previously thought were impossible! 

Episode 33 - The Power Of Singing In Groups with Kari Olsen-Porthouse

This week Amy and Debbie chat with choir director and all round empowering soul Kari Olsen-Porthouse about her big life and career moves and how her choir and singing in groups is what inspires her life’s work...and can most definitely help empower yours too!