The WWC UK Podcast Is Live

Amy Phipps & Debbie Clarke WWC UK Podcast Live

The newest WWC project collaboration is now live! That's right we have added pod casting to out toolkit, and what a fun and somewhat technically challenging new skill it has been thus far...

Firstly I'd love to welcome Debbie Clarke aka Debbie Dooodah to the WWC community as my partner in pod casting crime as we grow this exciting new series week by week. For those of you who do not already know Debbie she is a Nottingham based digital coach & brand strategist, who empowers women to work smarter with social media... amongst other things! Find out more about Debbie Dooodah's insanely inspiring creative business and events over on her site now!

Join us on this exciting journey with a host of inspiring female entrepreneurs as we come together to offer top tips for growth, strength, strategy, creativity and so much more... through exciting conversations and thought provoking topics of discussion. Tune in fortnightly on a Friday and hear a host of creative women in business telling it like it is through their experience of the world and creative industry.

You can listen to Episode 1 - Letting Go In Order To Grow NOW or watch the video via Youtube here!

And if you'd like to know more about joining us on the air waves or submitting a discussion topic for an episode email Amy at

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