Why the Way You Present Yourself Has a Major Impact on Your Success Mindset

We all get told, in childhood, that we “shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.” Like it or not, however, that is exactly what everyone does, at least some of the time, on a subconscious level.

Many entrepreneurs like to think that establishing a successful business is simply going to be a matter of doing good work, and practising a high degree of professional integrity. Of course, those things come first and foremost and are of primary importance. But your presentation has a lot to do with things, as well.

Professional presentation is a big deal, which is why companies like this - yourvirtualofficelondon.co.uk/registered-office-address-london/ exist. There are simply professional benefits to creating the most sophisticated professional image possible.


What doesn’t often get talked about a lot, however, is the fact that the way you present yourself has a major impact on your own mindset, and that this can then significantly impact how confident you’re going to be. Which in turn may impact your level of success… depending on what success means to you.

Here are a few reasons why.

We constantly compare ourselves to “archetypes” of success, and look for success signifiers

All of us look for role models, both consciously and unconsciously. If we want to get fit, we compare ourselves and our behaviours to those of our favourite fitness models, or of people whose physical prowess inspires us.

The same thing happens in business. As humans, we are constantly looking at ourselves, and comparing the way we appear and behave to “archetypes” of success that exist in our particular industry, and in the broader society.

In order to keep ourselves in line with those archetypes, and to actually be able to believe that we are capable of being successful, and are doing good work, we look for “success signifiers.”

Those “success signifiers” will typically be things like how slick our company’s website is, how professional our everyday outfits are, how well written our marketing emails and articles are, and so on, and so on.

The way you present yourself, in other words, has a lot to do with how “in sync” you are with your vision of success. This, in turn, directly impacts self-belief and motivation.

We all find it easier to slack off when we send ourselves “mixed signals” through our dress and presentation

People tend to follow the path of least resistance, and it’s for that reason that entrepreneurs need to be so careful about structuring their lives in such a way that they make it difficult to truly slack off, and make it relatively easy to slip into a productive workflow.

If you’re the kind of entrepreneur who works from home and therefore takes advantage of the fact that you can wear your pyjamas all day, you’re doing yourself a real disservice. How can you tweak your style to bring comfort and a little more sophistication when presenting yourself to clients over long distance meeting for example?

When you “mix the signals” through your dress and presentation, and create a subconscious association between your work and leisure times, and your professional and personal lives, you make it significantly more likely that you will slip into periods of procrastination, and find it difficult to remain properly motivated during the day.

On the other hand, a highly focused professional presentation has the opposite effect, and puts you in an unmitigated “work mode.”

What does your wok from home wardrobe say about you?

Our presentation influences how others view and treat us, which creates a feedback loop

The way in which we present ourselves, both personally and professionally, of course also influences the way that others view and treat us and not just the way that we view and treat ourselves.

For example – when prospective customers are looking at the websites of companies they may want to use the services of, it will be those websites that have a good number of testimonials, a clear and professional design style, and other markers of professionalism, that will get the most attention.

Your presentation will certainly influence how your customers, and other people, view you. This, then, influences how you view yourself, and creates a feedback loop.

All things being equal, then, it’s best to present yourself in the most empowering and uplifting way possible. Think about how you want to feel and be seen. Look at your brand identity as a whole not just as the way you present yourself as wearing a uniform. What is the message you wish to convey?

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