Things To Consider When Choosing An Awesome New Business Coach

How exciting! You have decided that you and your business are in a place where a little extra help and support is exactly what you need for growth and success. This in itself is a big feat. It took me years to realize that coaches existed and that I needed help to gain clarity and direction. That I didn’t have to go it alone anymore!

I don't mean the kind of support you get from family or peers who see the hard work you are doing and champion your business. Working with a coach is not like that. I mean specific subjective business support! From a trained professional who can help guide you and hold you accountable for your actions and success. Who hears your dreams, fears and all that grey area in between and helps you create a path forward.

But deciding you want/need to work with a business coach is just the start of this journey. The next step is working out how you find a coach that is the right fit for you and your business needs right now.

There are many types of business coach who specialize in different themes and areas /types of business and coaching. The world of coaching for business thought not new has blown up in popularity over the past few years with a fresh lease of life. There is a wealth of knowledge there to tap into and a strong sense of support and creativity, unlike older coaching styles. No longer do we associate a business coach with a padded trouser suite and corporate setting... coaching is more powerful and more intuitive than it ever has been!

Here are some important things to think about and research before you make the leap!

What stage are you at in your business? Clarifying this will help you pinpoint what kind of support you need from a coach. Are you a startup in the early stages of a new business? Or a seasoned pro looking for a huge change in career? One coach does not fit all and finding a specialist to fit your needs is of the utmost importance. Let's get really clear with this and make some notes. The more detail you have at this stage the easier finding the right fit will be. As well as knowing where you are right now, its time to think about where you want to be! Do you have a vision board for your year ahead on the go? Having an idea about youur next steps is important but not crucial. short term is good and long term is what you will work through with your chosen coach!

What type of coaching do you need? With many different styles of coaching available, you need to decide what the best fit for you. This is where research is a must! Look around online, speak to other peers who work with coaches, get recommendations. Once you have got a feel for what you need its time to book that all important 'Clarity Call'. You'll have heard this buzz word floating around the web and its a great chance to make contact with the coach of your choice and have a no obligation chat about your needs, what they offer and most importantly for you to get a sense of whether you like and want to work closely with this person.

What are you looking for? Do you want to focus on Clarity, social media/ marketing, work/life balance, becoming a confident entrepreneur, beating comparison, upscaling your business, spirituality/ magic? These are just a few offerings and coaching styles available in the community right now. So now is the time to get clear and book a few calls.

What is your budget? Working with a coach is an investment in yourself and business. Not like buying a pretty new notebook... this can be a substantial investment which can be put through your accounts. Knowing how much you have to spend is important and can help narrow down that list of dream coaches you want to work with. On average you'll be looking to spend £800-1600 for your first block booking. Many coaches offer payment plans or even one-off sessions of you just cannot commit financially right now. You could also look into joining a Mastermind group instead of working one on one. And if that scares the hell out of you then the following questions will help you work out your next steps!

Are you willing to go the extra mile? It's all good and well deciding you are going to work with a coach, but once you find one you have to be prepared to do the legwork. A coach isn't there to do the work for you no no no. They are there to help provide clarity, guidance and a set of actionable goals for you alone to work towards. You, my dear have to take action and implement the magic in your business to create a self-sufficient way of being.

Are you ready to make changes? Another thing that often comes out of working with a coach is changes to your business and life... quite dramatic ones! You must be open to change for the actions you have created with your coach to be successful. Change is equal to growth and that is the main point of working with a coach, so be ready to shift your perception as well as the way you currently run your business. Sure your coach is there to hold you accountable but they will not hold your hand!

At the very least you want to find someone who you can connect with wholeheartedly, who gets you and who hopefully comes with great recommendations! Don’t limit yourself to the country or city you are in either. Your coaching sessions can take place over Skype or zoon to anywhere in the world!

If you are a creative business owner, a maker or someone feeling inspired to create their dream career but could do with a little help and support... Book your free 15 minute clarity call with me now and let's chat about how I can help you.

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