The Week My Woman's Hour Dream Came True

I'd firstly like to say  huge thank you to Emma Betty Lewis Griffiths, for attending a craft workshop I ran in Brighton several years back and for believing that I was the right fit when the opportunity arose to recommend a crafty acquaintance for a piece around crafts and biz at The BBC... ON WOMAN'S HOUR! I am extremely thankful to have made meaningful connections with some amazing people through my work over the past 10 years and the varied path my career has taken has certainly allowed me to add many strings to my bow.

This week I was asked to share the craft creative business 'expert' side which pushed me straight out of my comfort zone into the company of a group of (id say after only spending a couple of hours with them) some of the most talented craftswomen and creative business owners in the UK right now. Chris, Tali, Hannah, Louise it was a total treat to hear about your continuing work and really get down to the nitty gritty of crafts/culture and your experiences of all that and more. TBC.

It's fair to say that this my first experience of participating in main stream media was a super positive one. An amazing opportunity to share my experiences of running several creative and crafts business, from freelance designer to studio manager, team leader to now with a huge audience on one of my favourite Radio shows which I have listened to with my mum for as long as I can remember. So yes this week I ticked a box on my list of life goals...

But it has also allowed me to step into a whole new perspective about myself in this biz and make a conscious decision to take a page out of Playing Big and notes from Cailen Ascher two inspiring creative coaches who work a lot around mind set and think bigger and better things about my small creative business. AND MYSELF.

I have often joked about 'faking it until you make it' but this is more than that. This is about creating a vision for you in your creative business, what you want your biz and life look like.. holding that close and living what that feels like to you on a daily basis. Mind set! Even if it's just removing one negative story you hold about yourself our your business... that will make a huge difference.

carfts and the bbc

If you'd like to read the blog including tips for running a creative crafts business pop over to the BBC Woman's Hour website NOW.

If you'd like to listen along to me and a group of wonderful creative women chat about our experiences of craft with the BBC you can listen live on Monday 29th May 10am-10.45am as part of their celebratory bank holiday show in which they will also be announcing the winner of the 2017 craft prize - good luck to all the amazing finalists!

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