The Power of Storytelling for Creative Entrepreneurs

No-one is you and that is your super power
— Dave Grohl

I do love a good Pinterest-worthy motivational quote. As a former cynic when it comes to stuff like this, I must admit I'm now slightly obsessed with positive quotes and affirmations! As far as this one's concerned, I've found that it has genuinely helped me tackle my imposter syndrome and put myself and my business out there in ways that would have really scared me before. Those eight little words pop into my head every time I slip into comparison on social media (ahem, daily) and remind me that there is in fact room at the table for all of us because we all have something different to offer. It's been said before but I really do believe that your unique set of experiences and values means you can bring something totally new that makes you stand out from your competitors. The trick is being able to express that uniqueness in your online presence, to ensure that your ideal clients are magnetically drawn towards you!

inspirational quote for book lovers

One of the most effective ways you can do this is through storytelling, and of course, I'm biased to the visual side of things because I'm a photographer. Oh, and because...

A picture is worth a thousand words
— anon

There I go again with the quotes! On a serious note, you really can say a lot with a photo, and when used well in your online marketing, along with thoughtful and authentic copy, they can help you carve out space in your industry that only you could possibly fill. They can entice and intrigue your audience; make them feel welcome, inspired, connected; show them that you're a real person with a real passion for what you do.

At this point, you might be thinking that your story doesn't feel that special or interesting, or that you don't really have anything worthy to add. Trust me, you absolutely do! I think the key to weaving storytelling into your online presence without getting overwhelmed is starting small. Don't feel like you need to write an epic novel on your About Me page or that every social media post has to be moving enough to inspire a generation - that's far too much pressure. Why not start with a story about your morning routine, or your favourite artist, or the fact that your grandma used to give you knitting lessons after school (complete with custard creams for fuel)?

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It's these tiny, familiar vignettes of your life that will trigger a reaction in your audience's hearts and minds because, in the end, we are all seeking connection and a sense of belonging. Offer up a little piece of the puzzle that lead you to where you are today and I have no doubt that at least one person will respond because they've been there too, or they dream of getting there one day, or maybe they'll just really like your top and they'll comment on that! Whichever it is, by letting people in, you're creating new opportunities to engage with and understand them. Not only this, but you'll gradually build trust with your audience, establishing you as a knowledgeable and passionate creative so that when they next need what you sell, you'll be first to spring to mind.

Do you use storytelling in your digital marketing? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it and answer your questions too! Come and find me on Instagram so we can swap stories!

Author Sophie Carefull