The Brilliance of Coaching - Fearless Hustle Collective Podcast

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting to friend and fellow creative business owner Anna Dunleavy over on her podcast Fearless Hustle Collective. It was a super hour or so spent getting to the nitty gritty of the past few years in my life and business an sharing my own personal development and reflections with Anna.

You can listen to the full episode HERE

We talk about what it's like to have a multi-hyphen career, the journey of becoming a coach and a current favourite topic - self-care!

Things we talked about:

  • Putting together a creative retreat

  • Working on projects with others, and the benefits and difficulties this can sometimes bring

  • The journey of becoming a coach

  • The rise of a multi-hyphen career and the ups and downs of ‘wearing different hats’

  • How working for yourself isn’t the easy option

  • Maintaining a focus on your work and not taking on too many projects

  • Having hobbies that don’t involve work and prioritising things we love

  • Making your dreams a reality, finding your true calling and pivoting your business

  • Working with a coach and what that looks like

  • Masterminds and how they work

  • Incorporating self-care into your working day

  • Working within your cycles

  • Time blocking

You can find more from Anna’s show here