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The Magic Of Mood Boarding

Join contributing author Nicki Grainger of NSYM Styling in today's inspiring post

Do you remember a world before Pinterest?

I know, shudder to think, right? But many moons ago I had my own means of creative collage in the pre-pinning days. I’m talking mood boarding, the good old-fashioned cut-and-paste-paper manual method, and I’m here to advocate this creative tool by sharing how it’s helped me in my life.

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Women Who Create / Charlie Swift

To celebrate our WWC weekend which is being held in Bristol this coming weekend today i'd love to welcome Charlie Swift to the series. Her super stylish work is clear, creative and inspiring! Charlie is a self professed Instagrammer, blogger and self-employed social media and content creative, and will be talking to us today about her experiences as a creative business owner.

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