Is life Stifling Your Creative Voice? Rediscover It Here

Hello folks! I am super excited to have taken part in a brand new creativity project with creative friend and peer Tirzah Forrister and i'd love to share more about it on the blog with you all today.

If you're a creative person, you've probably struggled at some point as the hustle of life buried your creative voice. The result: you felt stuck and uncertain about how to proceed. Maybe you're afraid of the response you'll get to your newest project, or maybe you don't quite know how to “peel back” your own layers to access that creative spirit. I’m a part of an upcoming interview series, Reclaim you Creative Spirit. I talk about the ups and downs of being a creative. It can be hard and sometimes feel like an uphill battle, but let’s do this together. Hear the inspiring stories of over 25 creatives (including me!) on their journey to finding their voice through the highs and the lows. Learn how to be more creative and to dive deep to rediscover the beautiful spirit you’ve lost somewhere along your one precious path.

Fortunately, my dear friend and creative guide, Tirzah Forrister, knows what this is like, and she's passionate about helping people unearth their creativity and self-worth through the arts and the outdoors. To this end, she's created a free online speaker series, Reclaim Your Creative Spirit: Defeat Doubt, Overcome Mental Blocks and Rediscover Your Voice, and you're invited!

It starts April 10, and it brings together 25 inspiring people (including me!) to share our stories about defeating doubt, overcoming mental blocks, and rediscovering your voice.

Sign up here, now:

Unearth Your Creativity Here<<< Join Us Starting April 10

When you go to the link above and reserve your spot on this free speaker series, you'll get expert advice from real-life creatives who are on a mission to help you take the leap—to start or restart the creative endeavor you've been afraid to dive into. 

You see, chances are, you have put off taking intentional time to restore and reflect … which is when we slow down and go deep. And the truth is, it’s in the slow and deep that you rediscover who you are!

So when you join us beginning April 10, we'll share ideas to help you:

·      Dive deep, so you rediscover your voice and creativity, and begin creating with purpose and passion again.

·      Stop doubting yourself and start moving forward on projects you always wanted to start but never did, or those that you stopped in the middle of because you felt "stuck"or "unworthy."

·      Finally access your full potential, we are all unique and we shortchange ourselves if we let our creativity stay dormant. 

·      And so much more 

During these short, powerful interviews, you'll hear inspiring stories of real creatives and their own struggles and gain useful insights you can implement to restore your creativity and discover your voice!

Tirzah is the perfect person to host this speaker series; she is so passionate about helping people find their value and creativity, through the same means she used to find her own.

Taking care of yourself as a whole being is critical. It's just as important – if not more so - as running a business or taking care of a family, because when you are the best YOU version of yourself that you can be, you can better show up for the other things and people in your life. (Makes sense, right?)

If you leave yourself behind, your creativity dies.

And if you want to continuously access your creativity, you must take time to intentionally dive deep - so you can see clearly and think more creatively.

If this is something you'd love to do, then be sure to join us for Reclaim Your Creative Spirit starting April 10. And remember, there's no cost to join us!

Sign up here to reserve your spot:

Let’s Dive Deep, Together <<< Reserve Your Spot Here

I'm so looking forward to this event. Not only do I plan to speak, but I'll be attending the other interviews as a listener, too … I don’t want to miss a thing!


Here's to creativity,

Amy x


P.S. Learning how to grow a business, get more followers on social media, and sell your work are very important! But if you don't have the tools you need to access your creativity and expand your potential, what good are they? Sign up here to join us for Reclaim Your Creative Spirit, today.


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