Misconceptions About Creativity

I've had many conversations over the years about what it means to be creative/a creative person/work creatively, and I wanted to clear a few things up especially for those striving to find more creativity in their work and life but struggling to do so because they have been blocked by a few common misconceptions about what it can really mean.

Let's get one thing clear... creativity isn't restricted to crafts. It's not limited to those who make things with their hands to sell on Etsy/wear/blog about/pin etc. Nope creativity is so much more than that, and those of you who have been held back from exploring your own creativity because you have been scared off by the crafts side of creativity... now is the time to take a step past that restriction to find what it can look and feel like to you.

As part of our fortnightly interview series, and as a way to capture the essence of what creativity means to many individuals, we always ask this same question 'What does creativity mean to you'. And each and every time the answer is different, exciting, a window into how women who work in many varying careers and disciplines view creativity in their lives and work. This is what we want to share with you today in a hope that it allows you to think about creativity in your life differently and maybe even embrace it in many more areas.

This is what creativity and living a creative life means to just a handful of the wonderful women who have been involved in the WWC fortnightly interview series. 

It’s about bringing your individual spark to whatever you’re doing - whether it’s working on your craft and creating in the more traditional sense or just cooking dinner!
— Charlie Swift
The freedom to explore different ways to express yourself and a willingness to try new things without worrying about getting things “right” Having a unique & original voice and not being afraid of using it!
— Silkie Lloyd
creativity quote by Lola Hoad

To be creative, be prepared to think outside the box. Be wild or go home! It’s always easier to rein back a bonkers idea than build up a safe idea. Take these ideas and then be inventive
— Buttercrumble Creative
creativity quote from Ebonie Allard

Working from the soul, Making from the heart. Becoming an expert at a technique. I dislike the delineation and wish there was a word for ‘creating something with passion’.
— Helen Hallows

So what do YOU think? Has reading over these snippets from our WWC peers helped you think about creativity from a different perspective... do you recognise some of these ideas and emotions as your own? I truly hope so.

How can you implement some small changes to your daily tasks and work to open up to more creativity in your life? How can you bring more fun, imagination and magic to your career?

Think about the space you work, the people you see on a day to day basis, the tools you use... Start today and let us know how it makes you feel. It could be as simple as arranging some flowers or plants on your desk.... but it could also be the start of something life changing.

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