Meet The WWC Weekend Coaches / Lyndsey Haskell

Lyndsey Haskell is the owner of What You Sow, an online community for people who love to grow things. As well as curating a beautiful shop selling unique gifts for gardeners, What You Sow also plays host to the Secret Seed Swap – a postal seed exchange where participants make a decorative seed packet, post it to a stranger and receive one in return.

Lyndsey can often be found discussing the merits of greenery and gardening and in particular the benefits of these to general health and mental wellbeing. At the Women Who Create retreat, Lyndsey will talk about the links between gardening and meditation, and give you practical tips on how to bring plant-based mindfulness into your daily lives. 

Find more information about Lyndsey's current project, plus her offerings over at

Lyndsey will be holding a gorgeous plant propagation session as part of our WWC weekend event June 9th & 10th, discussing practical ways to bring plant-based mindfulness into your daily lives.

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