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I'm Claire, Founder of Thrive Hypnotherapy. Thrive has one very important ethos; to provide, a supportive, safe environment for you to grow and thrive from. I set up my practise last year and I run it alongside my many creative endeavours which include digital marketing and film making.

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The analytical part of me was fascinated behind the science of hypnotherapy; how the brain works and controls everything we do. The creative part of me was drawn to the holistic, nurturing and kind aspect of how hypnotherapy works. Having hypnotherapy myself helped me overcome a lot of issues from my past. It helped me in ways I couldn't imagine. For a long time I was all-consumed with the issues I was struggling with and now I want to be able to give others the chance to change their lives and overcome their obstacles too. I've worked with people to build confidence, reduce anxiety and tackle fears and phobias. I also focus on personal and workplace blocks too.

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Claire, the founder and change maker behind Thrive Hypnotherapy, like many women who create in business, has several intertwined strings to her expertise bow and shines in all of them. Join her at the first WWC weekend for s 2 hour stress/anxiety management, confidence building and self hypnosis techniques session and learn how to grow from the inside out.

You may have already heard that early bird tickets available now for a limited time! Those who take advantage of this special offer will also receive the opportunity to book will receive bonus content and discounts from all the women hosting this event.

We are so looking forward to meeting you at our weekend of creative inspiration, relaxation, confidence building, slow crafting and business/career motivation for women looking to connect with like minded folk and spark changes in their life and career. The full #WWCweekendBrighton weekend's offerings can be found here . Alternatively, If you need more information or advice to help you decide whether this exciting event is right for you, please email Amy at with any questions or to book a call.

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