Make Muse Interview Feature Excitiment!

I am over the moon to have been featured over on the Make Muse website sharing lots of insight into my creative life and work!

A little about Make Muse

"Make Muse is an online magazine dedicated to highlighting the vast and varied experiences of young women and all of the cool things they do--on any scale. We’re a team of feminists, and if that word scares you, this might be the right place for you to explore what the f-word actually means through daily news, submitted work, and monthly interviews."

Here's a snippet from my article... 

Geithner: On your website, you note that crafting is known to “empower groups and individuals, help overcome anxiety, stress, and grief.” Has crafting always been both a passion of yours as well as a form of therapy? And, for others, do you think crafting can help even those who do not consider themselves to be particularly creative artistically inclined?

Before I even understood what mindfulness was about I knew that crafting went much deeper than making pretty things for me, and saw how profoundly it could empower the groups I taught. I will openly admit I am rubbish at meditation! But if you pass me a cross stitch sampler or a ball of yarn and crochet hook I can while away hours on end in my calmest most contemplative way creating one stitch at a time… whilst my usually buzzing thoughts come together helping me reset!

I have seen first hand how crafting can also provide this kind of escape for others too! From groups of women with no confidence in themselves leaving workshops feeling empowered by a crochet granny square, to those suffering from loneliness finding like-minded friends for life. Crafting isn’t just about learning a fiddly little skill… it’s about community!
— Amy Phipps

Thank you to Make Muse for making me part of your inspiring collective It's an absolute honour to be featured alongside some of the worlds most inspiring upcoming female change makers.