Is Your Craft Business Damaging The Environment?

Trying to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle can feel overwhelming and tough these days. Without planning and research it can take a lot of hard work and dedication and you have to make so many changes to the things that you do every single day. But even the people with the best of intentions make mistakes because they buy products without realizing that they’re not very environmentally friendly. You probably haven’t thought much about the impact that craft supplies have on the environment but you should. You’d be surprised just how much damage they could do and that can seriously harm your craft business if you’re not careful. Consumers are very concerned about environmental responsibility these days and you’re alienating a big chunk of your potential market if you don’t consider it. But don’t worry, there are some great eco-friendly alternatives to your favourite craft materials that you can use instead.


Glue is a basic craft material that you’ll use in so many different projects. But the problem is, there are a lot of nasty chemicals in glue, especially strong adhesives like super glue. All of those chemicals can have a big impact on the environment. The good news is, you don’t need those strong chemicals to make glue that works well, you can use natural ingredients instead. Eco Bond do a great line of all purpose adhesives that should suit all of your crafting needs and it’s made from ingredients that don’t have a negative impact on the environment. It’s not that expensive either so it’s a winner all around.


The traditional sparkle we know so well is made from tiny pieces of plastic which d not biodegrade and cause harm to people and animals alike! Once in the water systems tiny fragments will embed into the eco systems or be ingested by creatures where they will gather and not break down. With th holiday season fast approaching don’t dull your shine at parties try this eco friendly Eco-Stardust or for hand made Christmas cards try this biodegradable glitter. Sparkle does not have to harm the environment!

IMAGE via  Unsplash

IMAGE via Unsplash


Leather is a no-go for vegans so you could consider using fake leather alternatives. However, the quality is nowhere near as good as proper leather and for some things, it just doesn’t work. But real leather is very wasteful and a lot of it ends up in landfill so some customers are wary about buying any products made from it. But if you use an environmentally friendly version made by companies like the E Leather Group that uses recycled leather fibres, you can get the same great quality without the environmental impact.


Plastic is such a huge problem because it doesn’t degrade and it ends up in the ocean where it causes so many problems for marine life. This issue is in the public eye in a big way at the moment and a lot of people are dedicated to cutting their plastic usage. That means they’ll be reluctant to buy anything that uses plastic tape that doesn’t degrade. Instead, you should use biodegradable options that are made from paper and eco-friendly adhesives instead.

IMAGE via  Unsplash

IMAGE via Unsplash


Paint is another common craft supply that is packed full of all sorts of nasty chemicals. If they get into the water supply they can have a big impact on any wildlife in the area. But there are so many options for safer paints out there. They’re made from more natural ingredients and manmade ingredients that don’t damage the environment so you don’t need to worry about washing them down the sink.

If you’re not using eco-friendly craft supplies then you could lose a lot of customers so switch to these alternatives right away. Why not try alternatives and begin to decrease your impact on the environment today.

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