Don’t Waste Time Crafting: The Art Of Efficiency

You’ve turned your hobby into a side-hustle and now it’s a fully-fledged business. As always, there will be teething problems because the transition never goes smoothly. One of the most dangerous is to allow inefficiency to take hold. It’s a huge mistake because it prevents output from helping you expand and scale the company. However, it happens as owners have too much on their plate and not enough time in a day to complete their tasks.

Thankfully, there are ways to take the pressure off so that the business begins to run itself. Here are four things you should consider.

Buy From Wholesalers

The materials you use are crucial to the company’s bottom line, which is why you spend hours poring over the prices. However, you need to make a decision at some point and can’t allow opportunities to pass you by because of indecision. The perfect middle ground is to purchase supplies from wholesalers. Firstly, it’s possible to repeat the same order every month via direct debit. That way, there’s no reason to worry over a delivery. Secondly, cutting out the middleman and going to the supplier reduces the price per item cost. Profit-wise, this is a major deal as it allows the business to run without a hitch.


Price With Profit In Mind

It’s easy to get stuck in your old ways where you priced without much thought. As long as someone is buying the products, you’re happy. Sure, it’s commendable, yet it means your hard work isn’t resulting in the numbers which will lead to growth. In simple terms, the pricing strategy is inefficient. To rectify this, build the profit into the price per item. Consider the manufacturing and shopping costs and add a small markup. So long as the final rate isn’t extortionate and the product is of a high-quality, no one will argue.

Invest In Equipment

Things I invested in this year include a subscription to Dropbox, a couple of new SD cards for my DSLR, a new card reader for Christmas craft fairs and a brand new Daily Greatness planner to help keep me focussed and thinking like a boss!

You may like to advertise the fact you sell “handmade” products, yet it’s not cheating to invest in some tools. Companies that churn out their items are the ones that use huge factories with automated machinery. A vinyl cutter isn’t going to harm your reputation, which is why vinylcuttingmachineguide's best vinyl cutting machine advice is a must-have. The trick is to hone in on the equipment which can make the manufacturing side of things simpler. A glue gun will stick on the bells and whistles while a sewing machine will bring a project together in half the time.

Create An Efficient Workspace

There is no way to be efficient if your studio or workspace is an unhinged mess. Start by cleaning up and putting everything in order. Then, it’s straightforward to spot the resources you need and reach for them without any blockages in the way. Also, remove the distractions which may impair your concentration. Yep, that goes for everything from the TV to your mobile phone. You can try using a timer instead or setting an alarm! Finally, let in light and make sure there is fresh air flowing in through a window. Stale oxygen limits the brain’s function to think and work clearly. Try adding air cleaning plants to your space to add vibrancy and more H20!

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