Dealing With Work Flow Change In The Winter Months

This year why not try embracing the gorgeous orange & gold leafy carpets of the changing seasons instead of worrying about the dark nights drawing in, cold mornings and unusual sleep patterns... Reframe the negative associations, we have about the winter seasons and drag that summer glow along with you!

In this more personal post, I wanted to talk about how the darker winter months affects my business, mood and mental health. As small business owners and female entrepreneurs it's up to us to lead the way in sharing the good and bad parts to enable change in a culture of shame.

Some of you will know that I am amidst some huge changes in my business... website developments, personal learning curves, new training on the horizon and the uncertainty of how it will all fit together to create the dream I envision. So I am embracing the Autumn and winter months to take back precious time whilst I ride out this uncomfortable time of uncertaintly, to soak up new information, ideas, perspectives and creative outlets.

I am nervous, I don't really have a plan yet for exactly what this looks like... but I already FEEL very excited about the stack of books that are sitting here on my desk and the shiny new journal I bought in anticipation of starting my person-centered art therapy training next week! But now I must focus on created space and time in my schedule for these seasonal changes.

The next few months are going to be interesting and challenging in many ways. I am jumping right outside of my comfort zone in order to feel more like me again! Pushing my business further whilst trying to work out how to tune in to the seasons to create a more harmonious routine implementing more self-care, downtime whilst making the most of the short days.

How does your work flow change in the winter months? Do you actively seek out different sources of income or inspiration to fit in with your lifestyle? Are you freaking out because like me big changes are on the horizon but you are in the in-between bit that feels untidy, uncomfortable and filled with lots of unanswered questions and ideas? Is autumn/winter a quieter time in your business? Or is that run up to the festive period your most demanding?

If you could take a step back what are you most excited about in the coming months?

For me, it's the chance to be working with other experts to create the vision I could only dream of because its way out of my technical remit. And its a huge relief to know that they will do an amazing job in 1/10 the time it would take me to research and learn... cry with frustration and then give up on my dream. This investment is allowing me the time to jump on an opportunity to do some real soul work again after a log time. I have had to overcome some serious negative stories I'd created to get to this point. And continue to work on confidence in what I am building with WWC UK on a regular basis.

The winter months are also a time to try and find ways to squirrel away a little extra cash for the new year. Get thrifty, batch cook and make things last a bit longer. I love rising to this hibernation style challenge! It feels like an exciting time to try new recipes, projects and embrace a healthy dose of Hygge. Getting back to basics to take stock of what is essential and what can be cut out. Tuning in to that hibernation vibe.

What challenges are you anticipating this A/W? Are they real or just a set of limiting beliefs you too have created around a list of obstacles that may well be totally achievable if you just put a positive spin on them? Here's a way to get rid of any stagnant though processes holding you back... List them, expand them and then replace the negative phrases with positive ones!

I can't or don't... becomes I have, I can, I am

This might take a little time, might feel a bit uncomfortable, especially around money and finance stuff. But reframing a situation can be an extremely positive exercise and a fantastic way to help appreciate all the amazing work you have already done but perhaps need reminding of. This is a fantastic journalling exercise to do towards the end of the year!

At the end of each year I write a big old list of all the projects and achievements I have completed during the previous 12 months and compare them to my goals list for that same year. I take note of the connections I have made and new people who have come into my life. The two lists may not always match, but I am always astonished looking back at the stuff I have accomplishes that i'd perhaps forgotten about.

Once you have made a list of your achievements and priorities perhaps you can focus in on just a couple of them and make some new goals to end the year strong and positive.

Another tip If you need a little extra cash to develop your current projects perhaps you could suggest a skill swap for payment of a service or project? Selling unwanted items, collectibles or tech to fund that deposit on the course or retreat you are desperate to attend? Could you spend an extra half hour a day for the next week promoting your current offerings or products in groups, listing or social media to create a boost in sales?

Clearing out some of the mental and physical crap will really help create new space for you to grow and realize the potential you already hold. And this time of year always feels like the perfect time to make space ready for new beginnings or opportunities.

Different business see different seasonal cycles that much I know and is always something bearing in mind when setting goals for thelast quarter of the year.

Winter months can be the busiest time of year for those selling gift items and therefore a time of stress and burnout. For those of you who experience this I'd love to hear your tips for staying healthy and organised! Is this busy time an exciting period you joyfully anticipate each year? One full of Christmas selling events and social media strategy? Or are you already feeling a little overwhelmed at the growing to do list?

If you are looking for somewhere to share your thoughts and ideas about any of this seasonal business practices OR connect with women who can help hold you accountable for your goals and actions... We'd love to see you over in the WWC Facebook community group. It's a closed members facebook group full to the brim with friendly and inspiring women in business. We have regular weekly prompts and share lots of projects and inspiration! The only condition for joining us is that you engage and share your wonderful insight and ideas.

If you are a creative business owner, a maker or someone feeling inspired to create their dream career but could do with a little help and support... Book your free 15 minute clarity call with me now and let's chat about how I can help you.

Amy x