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The Best Simple Vegan Chocolate Cookie Recipe

Hi loves, a little treat for you on the bog today! I have been vegan, plant based, VGANG, cruelty free, for 6.5 years now and I also LOVE to cook and bake in my free time. In fact I make time to do so because not only are the health benefits of preparing your own food from scratch huge but I find it one of the most creative and relaxing past times.

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Using Vision Boards To Inspire your Business Goals and Values

What do you think of when someone says vision board? Perhaps you have memories of making a mood board at school or collage to help collate ideas for a project or presentation. Well we use vision boards in a similar way. Putting it simply creating a vision board is about making a visual representation of the the idea/goal/project etc we want to envision… and bring more of into our lives in the future.

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10 Things I Am Loving Right Now February

A slow start to the year allowed space for a check in with values, time to re-assess where the path is taking us next. To create some new revised goals an really get clear (with the help of a lovely vision board) about my hopes and dreams for he future. So with that in mind here are 10 Things I Am Loving Right Now. There is a little bit of a theme… I wonder if you guess it!

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