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Banish Your 'Comparisonitis' And Bring The Joy Back To Your Business

If you are a business owner feeling overwhelmed by the amount of competition in your market, or you’re struggling to feel as though you stand out against the swathes of competition that you see every time you log into Instagram, then you might be suffering from the dreaded comparisonitis… Guest blogger Sara Dalrymple is here to share her top tips!

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Working For Yourself And How You Can Make It Happen

Many people want that ideal work and life balance. But yet sometimes the work life can take over dramatically and leave you feeling pretty deflated. After all, a lot of people don’t enjoy the jobs they have, are fixed to a monthly salary each month and still don’t get much time in their evenings or weekends to actually enjoy life.

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7 Tips for Finding the Time and Energy to Pursue Your Passion

No one really dreams of being a mindless and unsatisfied office drone when they’re young, but for various reasons, many of us nonetheless find ourselves falling into jobs that we just can’t stand, an having to put up with the fact that the work we do for five or more days of the week, is ultimately meaningless to us in the grand scheme of things.

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