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Women Who Create / Cara Holland

The WWC Interview Series is the longest standing part of this community and platform. A collection of interviews with inspiring creative women in business. In this weeks installment I have the pleasure of introducing you to ‘professional doodler’ Cara Holland as she shares some behind the scene nuggets from her awesome business Graphic Change.

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Using Vision Boards To Inspire your Business Goals and Values

What do you think of when someone says vision board? Perhaps you have memories of making a mood board at school or collage to help collate ideas for a project or presentation. Well we use vision boards in a similar way. Putting it simply creating a vision board is about making a visual representation of the the idea/goal/project etc we want to envision… and bring more of into our lives in the future.

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Mistakes That Could Harm Your Craft Business

There is no denying that people are falling back in love with crafts, and this presents an exceptional business opportunity for anyone skilled in this area. However, we have all been there: those moments when we say that if we had gone back in time, we would have done something differently

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The Magic Of Mood Boarding

Join contributing author Nicki Grainger of NSYM Styling in today's inspiring post

Do you remember a world before Pinterest?

I know, shudder to think, right? But many moons ago I had my own means of creative collage in the pre-pinning days. I’m talking mood boarding, the good old-fashioned cut-and-paste-paper manual method, and I’m here to advocate this creative tool by sharing how it’s helped me in my life.

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