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7 Tips for Finding the Time and Energy to Pursue Your Passion

No one really dreams of being a mindless and unsatisfied office drone when they’re young, but for various reasons, many of us nonetheless find ourselves falling into jobs that we just can’t stand, an having to put up with the fact that the work we do for five or more days of the week, is ultimately meaningless to us in the grand scheme of things.

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Defining What Success Means To You

I'm beginning to realise that many of the belief systems I have grown up with as 'the norm' no longer fit who I have worked to become, or the ever-changing modern world we live in. For too long we have been fed outdated ideas about success built in a corporate male-led working world. Success, we have been led to believe is equal to long hours, grafting, inflated titles... and for what?

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5 Ways To Keep Anxiety In Check When Running Your Business From Home

More and more we are choosing to follow our calling to create the unique and flexible career paths we dream of having in order to share our skills and gifts with the world. Not only does this allow us to share more fully but in a way that feels authentic to us as creative people.

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