Book Your Etsy Shop Review And Grow Your Creative Business This Christmas

Is your Etsy shop a little bit lacklustre? Do you want to get ready for the Christmas rush but don’t know where to start? November sees the start of the busiest period for craft business owners and designer-makers! We’re officially in the Holiday run up and the prep has begun for Art markets and Christmas craft fairs!

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But don’t stress there is still time to make a positive impact on your Etsy store and holiday sales… In fact now is the perfect time to take a look at how your sales are doing and create a plan for the future of your handmade business! And what’s even better is that you don’t have to do it alone! I am here to help inspire your next steps.


Now is the time to begin prepping your craft stall layouts, stock checking and making sure your home packing station is primed for all those extra orders you’ll be get coming in.

Book your 1-1 Etsy Shop Audit with me so you can make the most of the busy season!

If any of the below points sound familiar then some changes need making pronto…

I have single-word tags: Like “blue” or “card” or “christmas” – those have got to go! And I can help you find the best alternatives to target your audience.

I don’t have a completed About page and template policy pages.

My sales are slow to zero right now, despite great products -Let’s look at why this might be and make a strategy!

Etsy SEO and visibility have got me super confused!

OR you’ve just lost your Etsy mojo!

Get a 30-minute 1-1 Etsy Shop Review and Improve Your Sales This Christmas!

I’ll help you get your shop ship-shape and ready to make you some money this winter

For the small investment of just £40 you’ll get a questionnaire, followed by a Skype consultation, and I can guarantee you’ll be super excited about getting stuck into it by the time we’ve finished our call.

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If you love the sound of Etsy shop reviews but feel like a more long term strategy and regular check ins and support is what you need, I’m here to help! Find out more about Maker Mentoring and creative coaching here or drop me a line and we can organise a chat.