Meet The WWC Weekend Coaches / Amy Phipps

Hello, i'm Amy and I am the founder of the #womenwhocreateUK blog, website, fb community and #WWCweekend. We have heard from the other amazing coaches who will be sharing their expertise at the first WWCevent in Bristol, so here is a little about me!

I have always been a crafty-creative person, I was lucky enough to spend my early years education at a Waldorf Steiner School in Nottingham which I thank for my love of making things with my hands and for unlocking the quirks of my personality!

Later, training as a knitwear designer my university work focused a lot on nature, family and community, and my passion for traditional hand crafts was really developed. After graduating and whilst trying to find my place in the world of design, I realised my passion really lay in sharing these creative skills with others. So I began teaching small groups the techniques I had learnt over many years AND the importance they had in the community.

Hand craft is my passion and sharing creative skills with others is my expertise

A few years on, with my best friend and fellow women who create's Claire aka Thrive Hypnotherapy, I set up a creative studio and teaching space in Brighton where we both then lived. Super+Super was a place for creative business owners to run their companies, and for us to hostcraft & creative workshops and events! During this time we hosted hundreds of creative events, wrote a series of 4 craft books and really learnt the nitty gritty of running a creative business/studio space! 

Evolving out of this space in 2015 I moved back to my home town of Nottingham where I continue to teach crafts workshops and events, am an Etsy Team Co-Captain and continue to move my business towards community crafts and creative business projects.

The Women Who Create blog series has been a huge turning point in my creative career. It sparked a whole new passion project and allowed me to join up so many dots. Within this project I am continuously able to connect with amazing people, draw on 12 years of creative practice and experience to create projects to help build other's up. It has lead to the development of The WWC Website AND our amazing first #WWCweekend event this coming June!

At this first #WWCWweekend event am thrilled to announce that I will be launching a project and creative coaching practice I have been developing for the past couple of years within my own creative business practice as a visual kineasthetic learner. The Colour Tile Toolkit or CTT is my go to problem solving tool as a visual learner running a creative business. I have used this to help me work through problems with projects, blockages in ideas and as well as a daily meditation tool for someone who's head is always spinning with a hundred different ideas, lists and projects...

As part of my offering at the first #WWCweekend I will be running a 2 hour session looking at different styles of learning, in particular visual learning, and sharing this tool and accompanying work sheets plus methods with the group. Those of you who book an early bird ticket will recieve your very own CTT set sourced and developed by me for free (RRP £50) We will be looking into colour theories and how they effect our learning and creative processes and can be used as a positive tool within your creative business practise.

A problem solving tool to help increase focus – clarity – stillness of thought

In a hyper visual world it helps us calm thoughts, clarify and re-focus. With no stylised exterior prompts to lead or inform > just colour, texture, your thought processes and motion
— Amy Phipps

For those of you who would like more information about the fortnightly blog series or joining a group of 15 like minded women who are ready to implement big brave and exciting changes in their lives, careers, and future plans at the first Women Who Create Weekend in Bristol June 10th & 11th click through the button below or email me to discuss the #WWCweekend , CTT session or arranging payment plans / any queries you might have about this exciting event

Amy x


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