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5 Things You Should Never Say To A Small Business Owner

We've all been there. The polite customer at the craft fair, the intrigued family friend, a colleague at your part-time job... Your Gran. They like to ask the question because they find you interesting, 'inspiring' and often 'quirky'. They have chatted with you before about what you're up to but often skirt around the subject of work. Until they don't!

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Defining What Success Means To You

I'm beginning to realise that many of the belief systems I have grown up with as 'the norm' no longer fit who I have worked to become, or the ever-changing modern world we live in. For too long we have been fed outdated ideas about success built in a corporate male-led working world. Success, we have been led to believe is equal to long hours, grafting, inflated titles... and for what?

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