5 ways To Create More Positive Energy In Your social Media Today

The biggest killer of confidence and self-worth amongst women in business I hear about every day right now is the comparison on social media. There is a lot of talk about falling into the comparison trap,  Fomo (fear of missing out), inauthentic content, low moods and anxiety all caused when we look at what our sisters are creating and putting out there online. That’s not to say everyone is stuck in this low mood algorithm, but it feels like a worrying time for some women (and men) who are feeling the stress and strain associated to this new digital anxiety!

The original point of our favourite social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook was to help connect us with like-minded people all around the world, to help us share our own unique point of view and also obviously to help promote our business offerings and unique gifts with the world! So how now have such positive intentions strayed so far? We all know that with great power comes great responsibility, and social media has been given that power. Like a digital wand that at it’s high point can infuse a sense of togetherness and creative inspiration, and a low point crippling comparing and feelings of ‘I’m not good enough’ and harassment. Some real extremes.

So who is this social media anxiety affecting the most? Time magazine shared in its May 2017 mental health report #StatusOfMind survey (with collected data from almost two thousand young adults 16-24 years old) found that those using social media for more than 2 hours a day were experiencing higher levels of anxiety, body shaming and bullying with IG coming out as the worst culprit. YouTube had the only net positive feedback on Twitter following second, then Facebook and lastly IG.

Our rate of consumption is seemingly out of control with 54% + of people reporting that they check their phone right before they go to sleep and first thing when they wake up… Social media is often used as a quick fix and is highly addictive. So how can we buffer these negative attributes and reclaim our positive power online?

We all know from personal experience that depending on our mood at the time a varying number of different images can trigger all sorts of feelings when scrolling through our favourite social platform. So how can we create more positive routines and meaningful connections through our favourite social media to stop this widespread feeling of overwhelm becoming the main takeaway we get when we click on that little symbol? The ideal aim surely is to take it back to the basic… connectedness, community, inspiration, aspiration.

every time you set up a comparison between yourself and someone else, you lose, no one wins’
— Kelly Clinton

 So how can we bring back the magic of our favorite platforms?

Let’s start with a few key facts about our habits online. Because remember that we all differ when it comes to this so in order that we make our experience personal and positive again we must first look at the here and now of how and what we consume online.

Ask yourself how long do you spend on social media each day? Note down which platforms you visit most and why? Now with this information jotted down ask yourself honestly...

Q- Does spending time on this platform make me feel positive about myself/life/biz and how?

Q- Does this platform make me feel anxious/compare myself negatively to my peers/give me a feeling that I am not good enough?

Q- What do I spend the majority of my time doing there? Is it a time suck or am I getting positive vibes from being here?

Q - How is being here serve my mood or business?

Q – Have I commented or connected with my peers whilst on here? How can I make new connections right now?

Once you have completed this little audit of your chosen platform, it’s time to make some decisions that will improve your experiences (and those of others) online right now!

So what can you do today to reclaim the magic of your favourite social platform and use it for the greater good?

1 -Start my cleaning out the negativity. Anyone you follow who does not promote positive feelings for you or inspire you to be the best version of you MUST GO. Anyone who you feel is inauthentic or sharing shame-y feelings is not an account that is feeding happiness into your timeline.

2 – Be aware of what your triggers are. Different imagery, topics, and articles will have different effects on different people. What are your pain points? Note them down. Now I am not saying that avoiding all uncomfortable topics is the best course of action because we know that life is not and cannot always be rosy. But applying a healthy balance filter to your content and knowing what causes negative feelings of comparison or anxiety for you will allow you to make better choices when scrolling.

3 – Reframe comparison as goal setting – Don’t feel jealous of that dream California road trip that someone you follow is live streaming about… add it to your vision board or bucket list. Comment and ask her for recommendations or what inspired her to create this dream trip. Take those negative feelings back and look at what they are signifying for you? Is it about financial issues that are holding you back from going on your dream trip? Are you scared of flying? Get back to basics and create an action plant to help you work towards your own dream life/trip/business goal.

4 – Take a digital detox. Not only is social media over stimulating your imagination but several studies have also shown that rays emitted by our mobile device may have a harmful impact on our health with prolonged use. So why not try switching your device off before bed and leaving it in another room to start? And work your way up to a weekend off social media altogether. If the idea of this fills you with dread you can always schedule important posts in advance so that your business isn’t affected.

5 – Be authentic and find your comparison free tribe online! In life, we attract what we put out there and this is no different on social media than it is in person. So much of our lives are spent online so share more about your authentic self… the good and the bad days all make you the strong and inspiring individual you are. Follow other’s who share things that interest you or provoke conversation and deep thought. Or find your #girlgang and take it from there.

People to follow to inspire comparison free positive vibes in your IG/FB feed

Lucy Sheridan

Jen Gotch

Oprah Winfrey

Brene Brown

Emma Gannon

Jenna Kutcher

Kate Taylor

Allison Sadler

Sahsa Velour

Tracee Ellis Ross

 One last thing – Haters gonna hate. Just send a little positivity their way and move on.

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