Women Who Create Interview Series 3 Is Here!

Refreshed and updated for 2019 with all the best bits still in tact I am super excited to share a new series of interviews with remarkable creative women and women in business/female entrepreneurs with you.

Those of you who have been following Women Who Create UK for some time will know just how important this series is to me. It is what inspired the change in direction of my business a couple of years back and continues to be a driving force for the content we share here and I hope inspires a sense of collective community in our corner of the internet. The aim of sharing the stories and experiences of women from all walks of life is at the core of WWC and continues to grow this community online and nurture our connections. As the world of work continues to shift and change it feels more important than ever to share and support our similarities and differences. And to celebrate our unique perspectives, lifestyles and dreams! Running a business though inspiring can be isolated and lonely work at times. And is by n means the easy option when it comes to choosing career path or calling… creativity chooses you. And it is often how you connect and communicate with the world.


After a break this feature is back and I hope to share more diverse and inspiring content with you as it evolves and grows. You can expect fortnightly interviews with women from varying backgrounds, disciplines and as ever who use creativity as a tool to share how they run their business or as the main skill that inspires their art/design/service.

What does creativity mean to you?

This might seem like a simple question but often opens up a whole can of worms for many or creates resistance, blockages and questions about everything from how we run our businesses, present ourselves to the world to the wider choices we make as female entrepreneurs and SO MUCH MORE.

One thing I will say is that from the women I have spoken to about the subject of creativity, often many do not recognise their way of working or themselves as creative at all instead see it ‘Creativity’ as something skilled and unattainable an artist or maker or someone who is traditionally trained at possesses. In fact when we dig just a little deeper working creatively is something that is intuitive to many of us we just don’t recognise it in ourselves as we have perhaps been told we are not ‘talented’ ‘good enough’ or just don’t fit into the current trend of what a creative person looks like at that time.

In asking the same questions to different women we are able to compare and contrast ideas and experiences and collate a wealth of informations that I hope will widen our eyes to the many different ways there are to be creative, work creatively, acknowledge our own inherent creativity and nurture our creative businesses/skills and ideas.

If you would like to share your ideas and experiences with the WWC audience and expand our knowledge base I’d love too hear from you. Drop me an email via the form below.

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