10 Things I Am Loving Right Now February

Are you ready to start a new year yet? January was a bit of a write off here at WWC with illness, the very short daylight hours and post xmas overwhelm all playing a part in a forced slow start to 2019. But hello February! We are ready for you. A slow start to the year allowed space for a check in with values, time to re-assess where the path is taking us next. To create some new revised goals an really get clear (with the help of a lovely vision board) about my hopes and dreams for he future. So with that in mind here are 10 Things I Am Loving Right Now. There is a little bit of a theme… I wonder if you guess it!

1, January saw me re-asses my wardrobe Marie Kondo style and make a pile of items I love that need a little TLC. This is where visible mending comes in! Decoratively fixing holes, stains and alterations to create a feature and area or uniqueness within a garment is something I have practiced for many years now since my Super+Super Studio days when Tom of Holland brought his awesome workshops to our venue. It’s a totally joyful way t refresh your favourite items with a ittle stitching/patching/darning/felting etc.

recycled tin can planter wall

2, Live Green by Jen Chillingsworth. Heads up that I won a copy of this wonderful book as part of a competition BUT I had lusted after this little pocket beauty for some time which made the read even sweeter! Simple and practical tips and advice. Some new ideas and many tried and true that you may have forgotten just how easy it is to live a greener more sustainable life!

3, The IG account that is inspiring me the most right now is that of Amanda @small_sustainable_steps She is an advocate for living simply and low waste and her alternative cleaning formulas are wonderful!

4, Group singing aka community choirs - I recently re-joined mine and though out of my comfort zone hugely at first I am so excited to be learning a new skill and be embracing more out of the studio hobby time! Do you love to sing? Where is your local community choir? Guess what… you don’t have to have the voice of a folk singer to sign up… just want to work as a team and enjoy an eclectic array of songs! My advice would be to research the style of music you want to sing and then go to a taster with a friend.

5, Spring bulbs are peeping their heads up through the soil already! And isn’t it the best thing when you totally forgot where you’d planted them… then ta da! My dear friend and my garden guru Matt always recommends Sarah Raven for good stock or find your local outdoor market for reseanably priced plants and great local advice!

green juice ingredients flat lay

6, February New recipe challenge - Who completed Veganuary this year? How exciting is it to be able to tap into your nutrition and improve it whilst trying lots of new delicious meals! Now Jan is over to keep the momentum of trying new vegan meals out my boyfriend and I have committed to a choosing and cooking one new recipe a week! Taking inspo from Planted and the many cook books on my shelf which go unused!

slow but sure art print

7, Bulk buying to help reduce our carbon footprint, plastic use and spending. So far we have used ethicalsuperstore.com Dash Vegan in Nottingham and my peer Deborah Panesar recommends ecogreenrevolution.com We will also be trying to useOlio and Neighbourfood for local produce.

8, Women Who Create Interviews Series 3 is here! Want to hear what inspires lots of different creative women in business in their work, lives and passion projects? Find out what creativity means to them and hear some fantastic truths about running your own business.

9, The My Business, My Way Toolkit for Entrepreneurs is now live for everyone to use/share and download! It’s a fabulous resource created by Isobel, Alex, Sarah and Debbie with Nottingham University which I had the pleasure of helping on. I intend to download the finished version and use to check n with my business and entrepreneurial values on a regular basis. It’s free and beautifully designed

10, WWCpodcast episode 54 is live! And I Have the pleasure of talking to Hana Glover, proud shop keeper, entrepreneur, retail coach and advocate for small indie business! Having just celebrated 19 years of her first business we chat to Hana about the power of multiple income streamed businesses and the power small independents have in the current retail climate. A super inspiring conversation jam-packed with experimental insight! Listen Now