Using Vision Boards To Inspire your Business Goals and Values

What do you think of when someone says vision board? Have you come across this tool before? Perhaps you have memories of making a mood board at school or collage to help collate ideas for a project or presentation. Well we use vision boards in a similar way. Putting it simply creating a vision board is about making a visual representation of the the idea/goal/project etc we want to envision… and bring more of into our lives in the future.

But there is a whole lot of affirmation and manifesting that goes alongside your vision board once its actually made but it doesn’t have to be an energy suck. Unlike a mood board which we essentially just retain for reference, a vision board allows you to connect more deeply with where you want to get to in the future… with the help of visualisation and some good old manifestation. In fact the act of creating and focussing your attention on the vision board you have created alone is often enough to spark changes and help you bring more of what you want into your life and business. Are we still on the same page? Good let’s dive in a little further…

The images that you choose or that catch your eye might not make sense at first… but going with your gut is certainly the way to get the most out of visioning techniques. We are tapping into our subconscious when we use imagery so trust that the future you knows whats what and has full intention of getting you to the best possible outcome!

So what is it about a vision board that inspires such positive change in our future goals?


Let’s take a look at what a vision board IS

A creative way of working! Flipping through a range of images filling your cup back up with visual inspiration

A daily reminder of your goals and dreams! Sticking your board in a prominent place in your studio or workroom and you’ll be reminded daily of hopes and dreams!

About playing BIG and trusting that the universe has got your back

Working with your core values… ideas and passions that are deeply rooted and translating those into image form allows you to really align

A visual reminder of what is REALLY important to you and the drivers for your business and life’s work

A tool for helping us understand where to focus and set intentions

A tactile exercise that accesses alternative senses… visualising creates additional connections in the brain and allows us to create or strengthen new neural pathways.

Our brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy so the more we focus on what we want the more likely our brain will assimilate those ideas and begin to help us grow towards them… so manifest those ideas hard!

Brings awareness to the many possibilities that are already available to us! If you can imagine it… then you can do it.

Its’s a creative and relaxing activity - taking time to craft and create something fun and inspiring with simple tools is a fantastic self care activity.

Reflecting on previous vision boards allows you to recognise just how far you have come and what big/small changes you have already begun to see

Adding text to illustrate values or your word of the year is a great way to focus in really specifically to one thing

A tool that is used daily and can be created anew often! There is no need to wait until a new year to work on a new vision for a certain area of your life. Creating a vision board is a great exercise to do quarterly, seasonally or whenever you feel inspired to tap in to your vision and values for an awesome future

What creating a vision board isn’t

A quick fix or a patch for your current situation/business goals

About having the most IG worthy finished piece! If you are creating a vision board to share online then I think you’ve got the wrong idea. Often the things represented can be very personal indeed and as we have discussed are tapping into deep desires about the future. It’s great to share with peers who can support you and help champion your vision but posting snaps online is not what this is all about

Creating another Pinterest board…. We all love that platform but creating another collection of digital imagery just doesn’t give you the tactile hand to brain connection that empowers your manifestation and visioning process. Save Pinterest for project mood boards and vegan cake recipes!

Isn’t a literal translation… for example on a past board I put a picture of a ‘dream home’ living space. Now I know its unlikely that I will move in to that exact house but it is representative of the style/theme and values that I want to emulate in my future. Think bigger picture, not shopping list!

Amy making a vision board

How to create Your Vision Board

  1. Collect your materials - Large piece of paper or card/board, glue/washi tape/ scissors, side selection of different magazines

  2. Flick through magazines and tear out any images that catch your eye, inspire you or relate to a goal you have in mind

  3. Now cut your images out of their pages. Retain the rest of the page in a file of cuttings if there are additional inspiring images that might be useful later or recyle responsibly

  4. Now sort through your images and lay out the main ones that jump out to you on your sheet - stick those down to begin

  5. Continue to stick down additional images in a curated way that feels good. Layer, cut into, remove and re stick to get the images that feel important onto your board.

  6. Adding quotes or affirmations to illustrate a particular value or goal

  7. Leave to dry and then stick up on the wall in a prominent place

  8. Take a few minutes each day to look at your board and then close your eyes and hold any inspiring imagery in your mind. Let it settle and imbue…


leave space for the unknown - don’t limit your endless possibility but trying to tick every box. leave a patch of space on your board as a reminder that something magic and unknown might manifest

Swap magazines with friends,family and peers to broaden the range of imagery you have access to. This will also keep costs down

Use minimum A3 size paper and stick images down firmly… some people just pin them but then pieces may get lost or you move things about

Gather a group of business peers together for a vision board making session/social discussing your vision of the future with like minded people is a wonderful way to get your message out there and prompt the universe to work with you!

Amys vision board presentation


The Artists Way by Julia Cameron

Playing Big by Tara Mohr

Draw A Better Business by Cara Holland

Any magazine you come across that can be cut up and pages torn out!