My Top 5 Apps For A Creative Business IG Feed

Just another app that breeds FOMO and comparison? Or a fun and aesthetically pleasing tool to help grow your business and community? There's no denying that for creative companies, makers and crafters Instagram it is probably the most popular platform right now. I like many of my peers, often have a love-hate relationship with social media but if you follow authentic accounts, connect with your peers and balance real and beautifully curated content IG can be a great way to build our brand.

Focus on engagement, not numbers and you will get a lot out of all the cool tools now available with this app!

1. Wordswag - (A paid for app) Simple to use with loads of font options for creating text and quote posts. You can upload your own images and combine with text or access an online library. There are also lots of image size cropping preset options! SO you can use it for many different platforms.

2. A colour Story by A Beautiful Mess - (in-app purchases) The free download comes with some good basic filters but there are really. This app is all about editing your images with filters and tools a lot like in Photoshop. You can also save your editing steps in a preset and apply to all of your images to create that brand style curated look... great for Etsy store product shot editing! The most recent upgrade added a grid so you can curate your feed whilst in the app too.

3. Later - (free app) Scheduling! A great tool for scheduling IG posts and planning your feed. Upload your image and caption copy, set timing and save a list of #. You will be sent a reminder of when it's time to post and then you click through the app to IG. Your text is copied onto a clipboard and you can just paste straight into your post. Voila!

4. InShot - (free app) I use this app for cutting longer video posts into IG story sized chunks! Though I'm still getting to grips with this one I can already see the benefits for those of you who love to go love but without the need to keep stopping and starting mid convo!

5. Unfold - (in-app purchases) If you are looking to create super minimal gorgeous Stories with layers of collage and text this app is for you! Simply create a story folder then choose a series of templates and upload your images. You can add text in a few different fonts in the free version. Then you can download/upload the whole 'story' into IG or each frame individually!

For me, there is no hard set rule about how what and when to use IG. I usually take a more relaxed/freestyle creative approach! And posting quality over quantity is the key to building your community through the KNOW/LIKE?TRUST factor. But I will definitely be streamlining my process and looking at how I can add a little extra fun to my feed and Stories with these apps! Enjoy! And let me know your favourite IG apps and I'll have a play!

If all this talk about IG has your head spinning or you want more insight into how I run a successful creative biz... why not book yourself a free no obligation discovery call and let me help support your journey to creative business magic!