10 Things I am Loving Right Now August

August, high summer here in the UK and a time for holidays, adventures, meteor showers across the globe, harvests and days growing shorter.

1. Outdoor swimming... at a pool, in the sea or wild swimming in a lake somewhere on your travels. I am spending a lot more time in the water balancing out the hot rays and long sunny days.

2. Nannette the much acclaimed Netflix show by stand up comedian Hannah Gadsby. Thought provoking, moving, eye-opening, funny, endearing, inspiring It got a little slow in the 3/4 but it's a wonderful program worth a watch. 

3 & 4. Campaigns all around the world are fighting Period Poverty and also promoting the making and use of reusable sanitary pads. I've spoken about my experience of this a little before and my switch to a complete waste-free period. Here's how you can support women in the UK and Africa take control of their health and well-being... The Red box Project and Raise The Roof Kenya

5. The Perseid meteor shower is happening on/around August 13th!

6. High summer can only mean one thing in our house... White wine spritzers. I am a ice and soda kind of gal but these cocktail recipes from A Beautiful Mess look fun to try!

7. My favourite essential oil blend right now is Lavender and cedar! Warm woody notes with delicate relaxing florals. I recently found a gorgeous new ceramic diffuser in TK Maxx at a snip of its original cost!

8. Debbie and I chatting about having a social media break down over on the podcast... funny and honest tales of business.

9. Baddie Winkle turned 90 and celebrated in all her crazy colourful eccentric style! What do you reckon... are you a fan?

10. This lovely reminder from Katie Abey about self care