Creating Your Ideal Day Tips to Inspire Passion and Productivity

As a solo-preneur or small business owner who works the majority of the time from a home office or studio it can be easy to lose track, feel isolated or get stuck in a rut with your routine when spending the majority of time working solo. And yet the office for national statistics reports that in the UK alone there are over 5 million people registered as full time self employment and the trend continues to grow. So this nomadic way of working is clearly a trend that inspires us and continues to grow, but how do successful business owners stay passionate and productive?

Let's face it, we all have our off days and as a business owner it is important to honor and accept those. How often do you call in sick or take a mental health day? Thinking big in your small business is a key to growth and enlivening the entrepreneurial spirit! But keeping things small and special works well for your personal brand as well as day to day routine.

A great way of working that I have found keeps me inspired and productive on a day to day basis, and also helps improve my mood, is to create a vision of my Ideal Day. That's right a dream day in the life of my business. And remember for many of us business is inextricable intertwined with lifestyle so this vision encompasses a lot of detail, hopes and aspirations.

Here are some very specific journalling questions for you to get stuck into. Pick out your favourite note book or bullet journal and a handful of different pens. Turn to a clean spread and let your imagination run wild. Be playful, dare to dream! It helps to structure this exercise into MORNING | AFTERNOON | EVENING on your page for clarity.


1, Where are you when you wake up? Think about the view from your window/bedding/time of day/who's there with you/what do you hear, smell see?

    2, Describe your Morning routine. Let's get really clear on what's involved.  Meditation, food, drink, quiet time, morning pages, reading, dog walks, exercise. How would you shape the start of your ideal day?

    3, Now it' time to get dressed for the day. Describe your dream wardrobe! What are you wearing? Think about the details, nuances of colour, what are you shoes like? Where are they taking you on this magical day? How do the clothes you are putting on make you feel? What do they say about you?

    4, Let's look at environment next. Where are you working? Where is your business located? Are you in a co-working space? Home office? Studio? from your sofa? Out in nature? One a beach?What is your favourite space and why?

    5, So what's your day like? Do you have a schedule? Is it free flow? travel, meetings, yoga at lunch, coffee date, conversations, creativity and making, blogging, writing, seeing clients? How does it make you feel? You get to choose the way your day unfolds... what energizes you?

      6, What fills up your evening time? Do you have exciting plans with friends or family once the working day is done? Food, activities, films or tv shows, cocktail hour, a hot bath perhaps? How do you enjoy this time? How do you sleep?

      Once you have created as much detail as you can, engaged your senses and spent an hour journalling these things you could also create a mood board with magazine tears or digital images and have a visual representation to hand to help you tap into this ideal day whenever you need a pick me up. If you can imagine it you can achieve it! So let's gets get stuck in to this activity. Note it down as much detail as you like, even create a Pinterest board for your vision of an ideal day like mine here as a reminder.

      Once you have recorded it spend some time with this inspiring vision for your day note how you feel. And then I urge you to compare your 'Ideal Day' to your life right now. Where can you see elements that already exist? You will be surprised as just how much you already do that is part of that bigger picture or at least this starting point of those goals! That realization is exciting and energizing and gives a new perspective. Perhaps you are closer to living your own ideal day than you thought and already moving towards your ideal life. 

      The challenge that I will leave you with is to set up your next 5 days incorporating more things from this exercise into your daily life. Perhaps much of it is there already? How can you move your days around to make these inspiring part more prominent? Do this step my step and slowly before you know it your days will be filled with this new sense of passion and infused with productivity!

      If you are a creative business owner, a maker or someone feeling inspired to create their dream career but could do with a little help and support... Book your free 15-minute clarity call with me now and let's chat about how I can help you.

      Big love