10 Things I Love Right Now February

We made it through January and life already feels brighter! This month I am sharing another eclectic collection of articles, projects, products and more that are inspiring my business and life. None of these items is sponsored.


1. Bullet Journalling has been around for a while I know... but I think I am hooked. After just a couple of days giving this new method a try I am already feeling a bit clearer about my next few weeks. I'm enjoying the slow and mindful aspects of planning and drawing out lovely pages. #Bujo

2. This bullet journal starter set from Ryman seems very reasonable... think I might have to upgrade!

3. Vikings series 1-3 on Amazon Prime. I am hooked! How has this show escaped me until now. A perfect mix of battles, magic and some serious girl power.

4. Inika Organic vegan mascara in black. I am loving this new brand so far and this mascara lifts my lashes up creating lovely length

5. New IG fonts! Well, its about time really isn't it... Since I spend the majority of my time watching Stories these days on IG this is a much-needed breath of fresh air!

5. This amazing new book Crystals: The Modern Guide To Crystal Healing by Yulia Van Doren. It is a thoughtfully laid out coffee table book filled with stunning photography! And I randomly found a copy in The Works for £5!

6. Veganuary had it's best year to date - CONGRATULATIONS! 150,000+ people signed up!

7. Community Choir! It has been on my bucket list for years but I finally joined a local choir and so far it's been fantastic! I really fantastic way to lift your mood, connect with the community and improve on a totally new skill!

8. Seedy Sunday - Though I no longer live in Brighton this annual event is fantastic!

9. Inspiring video vis ATTN: About how charities in Africa are empowering young women and teaching boys to respect women. It's amazing.

10. Looking forward to delicious veggie and vegan food from Kiosk Nottingham at our upcoming creative business event for women