10 Best Female Podcasters & Bloggers You Need to Follow

In our mass and social media driven world it’s way too easy to get swept up in a sea of new business trends, the latest craft or creative pinterest worthy project and lose sight of our own values and vision! How do we make time to find new joyful sources on info that suite us?

It’s awesome to feel like you have found your tribe! Or a community online that you can relate to, connect with and feel like their knowledge feeds into and inspires you to keep doing things your way. That you can draw on for valuable resources, tips and advice… when it suites you best and works for your schedule! Tapping in to like minded podcasts and blogs also helps you cultivate a sense of connection and community which is essential in all creative businesses!

So here are my top 10 podcasts and blogs from female entrepreneurs! (in no particular order) To help inspire your creativity, business and mental health!

1, Elise Gets Crafty

2, Adulting with Ebonie

3, Kate Taylor Practical Magic Podcast

4, Blogtacular, Creativity The Internet and Everything

5, Good Company with Grace Bonney

6, The Design Trust

7, Being Boss Podcast

8, Me & Orla

9, Becky Queen of Frocks

10, Jen Gotch is OK Sometimes