#WWCweekendBrighton Reflections

We set the bar high for our first WWCweekend creative business event at The Forge in Bristol June 2017, of that I was slightly too aware. We can often fall foul of that comparison trap! And going into our second event I had to put that to one side and trust that we are all exactly where we are meant to be at that time.

Brighton you did not disappoint. Different space, a different group of women coming together to share their experiences and business stories, hopes and fears + different mix of sessions really shook up the energy at our second creative business retreat weekend.

claire culley of thrive hypnotherapy working with her magic tiles problem solving technique
never underestimate the power of a girl gang
If you want a weekend away with a group of like-minded women, in a safe nurturing space for you and your business then the WWC weekend is for you. Amy and her Team make you feel like you are the most important people in the room at all times and magic is created. If self-care is something that you need to work on this is a great way to start. I left feeling like a weight had been lifted and my heart was full
— Brighton 2017 Attendee
herbal tinctures workshop with Alice Bettany of sacred seeds brighton 2017

What I am really coming to realise and trust in greatly, is the power of this thing we have created. This event offers a safe, positive and supportive space to which each person brings their own experiences and energy.... that's when the magic happens!

vegan catering at the wwc creative business retreat weekend Brighton 2017
hypnotherapy and relaxation at the wwc creative business retreat weekend Brighton 2017

Thank you to each and every one of you amazing women who made this weekend happen. I cannot wait to share your insight and feedback to help shape our 2018 events! And if you are intrigued by our creative business retreat weekends you can find more and sign up to get the new dates first, over on our events page.