Women Who Create / Sophie Carefull


This fortnight we welcome photographer Sophie Carefull to the interview series. Inspired by creative and craft businesses, Sophie believes that a stand-out brand is about so much more than great photos, but it’s a good place to start! And her work sparkles with inspiration from the get go!

Tell us a little about your background...

I am a Brand Photographer for Creatives so I work with designers, makers and artists to create visual content for their websites and social media channels. I started out shooting weddings and I still photograph a few every year but now my main focus is helping small businesses to connect with their ideal customers through photography. I used to work in digital marketing so I have a lot of experience in this field, but my previous roles left me wanting more creatively, so one day I decided to take the plunge and go full-time with my photography, and I am so glad I did!


Do you have creative habits or rituals within your work that help you stay focused and happy? 

My morning routine definitely helps me focus throughout the day. I get up two hours before I need to start work so I can sit quietly on the sofa with a cup of tea and relax, sometimes read or watch an uplifting video. Just being able to do this makes me so happy!

What two things can't you live without?

I don't know what I'd do without my beloved camera! I also wear fluffy slippers all year round, so those too!

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

Definitely other creatives and artists. I love scrolling through Instagram and seeing all the different ways in which my peers express themselves and their unique creativity!


What is the meaning of 'creative' to you?

Being creative means being brave and making your own rules. It's sharing a view of the world in a way that only you can. It's also making things for the sake of it, for nobody's enjoyment but yours.

If you could collaborate on a creative project or idea with anyone... who would it be & why? 

I love everything Amy Poehler does, and she runs an awesome project called Smart Girls that helps young people “cultivate their authentic selves”, “emphasising intelligence and imagination over 'fitting in'”, which I think is an amazing and much-needed message. It would be incredible to use my photography on a project with them!

Do you have a favourite piece of equipment that inspires your day to day process?

I love a good old-fashioned notebook and pen for getting all my ideas down at the start of the day.


What is the best thing about working for yourself?

I love waking up and knowing that I am in charge of my day and that I get to do my favourite thing and call it work! Sorry, that was two things!

What is your proudest creative moment in your journey so far?

Building my own website and putting together the portfolio page made me feel so proud of everything I've achieved since I became a full-time photographer. It was amazing to add the wonderful testimonials I've had from my lovely clients too!


What one piece of advice would you share with fellow women who create to help them on their business journey?

Keep showing up and doing what you're doing. It will be hard and some days you might feel like giving up, but if you truly believe in yourself and keep putting the work in, you will be rewarded for your efforts! Also, surround yourself with supportive, positive people! One more thing, prioritise rest and self-care, it’s so important for avoiding burnout.

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