10 Things I Love Right Now November

It's safe to say that October was a whirling dervish of a month here at WWC. As a consequence of that, I missed my October instalment of 10 Things! So I have decided to post early and combine October and November in the hope that these tidbits will be of use to you throughout the rest of this fair month!

As always this is not a sponsored post, affiliate or anything like that. It's just a chance for me to try and share a few useful tips and hints I come across that you may find useful! And also a practicle way for me to archive and remember for future. I am really trying to do AND buy less but make better and more sustainable choices when comes to life and business. I am increasingly alarmed by the impact our consumption is having on our planet and local communities and concerned that our mass consumption culture is causing irreconcilable damage. It's something I think about a lot at the moment and will be exploring in future articles.

1. When Rules Kill Creativity thought-provoking new article from Nicki Grainger aka NYSM Styling

2. Sticky Chai Tea from Bluebird Tea Co.... created by our very own Planted ladies!

3. Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. My current bedtime/me time read and I am loving every minute!

4. WWC Podcast just keeps getting better with an inspiring line-up of women in biz guests! Would love to hear your thoughts on our topics and to hear what you'd love to talk about

5. Wearing thick cosy socks... it's officially that time! cosy toes are essential for happiness and concentration when I am trying to get my day to day tasks done! I think it might be time I dusted off my knitting needles and made myself a new pair 

6. Just finished Stranger Things 2! Whoever told me it wasn't scary WAS LYING but another good series for a cosy winter evening!

7. I have started using Acuity Scheduling more and more for everything from tea dates to meeting with new WWC contributors. I have almost got it sussed but if you guys also have tips I'd love to hear from you!

8. All this chilly weather can only mean one thing... pimped porridge time! How do you eat yours? Hot, cold, overnight oats? a pinch of salt?

9. I am spending one weekend a month in Southwell whilst I do my PCATs training and I am falling in love with the quaint village style, fantastic shops and trad pub scene... not so much the hour-long bus journey but hey! I hear their Christmas Market is fab!

10. Skin Food.... I love this crisp bright wintery weather. But my face and sensitive skin does not! I have started using this deliciously zingy cream as a mask every night before bed and it's already calming the dryness and wind damage