10 Things I Love Right Now September

This month we have really seen Autumn begin draw in, the light is beautiful but days are also quickly getting shorter. I myself have begun to plan reading lists and projects that will inform and inspire 2018. And to try not to panic or worry about the things on my goals list that have not been ticked off... but to evolve that list adding in new topics and prioritizing the things that have become more obviously important. These include putting the finishing touches to our October creative business retreat in Brighton but also ordering some new books and creating time to absorb new information and connect with peers and groups. So in the spirit of Hygge, here are 10 things that I love right now and am excited to share with you. i'd love to hear what's been at the top of your list this month too! Please fee free to pop a comment blow

1. Pukka Green Teas

2. We Should All Be Feminists TED talk and Book

3. Apple season! It's not quite pumpkin season so lets celebrate the many wonderful variety's of apple this season. My parents planted me a tree in their garden when I was 3 and each year I collect bags full of wonky and delicious fruits which I eat fresh, cook up into pies or stew and preserve. Find more apple info here

4. Unsplash.com an fantastic site for royalty free images perfect for social media and website branding etc AND you can thank or pay towards using each photographer's work

5. Powering up my nutrition with Alchemy Super Blends this UK company founded by nutritionist Karen Newby has created no fuss convenient and balanced daily combinations tailored to daily needs. Their packaging is also beautiful

6. The Universe Has Got Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein... my current read and path of self exploration. Lots of fantastic resources on the site too!

7. Livening up my nights in with Karaoke!

8. Perhaps i'm totally naive but this article about IG Mafia was pretty eye opening to everything I abhor about social media 

9. This is a beautiful video combining dance and design creativity

10. Shameless reminder that our #WWCweekedBrighton creative business retreat has just a few spaces left and enrollment closes on October 17th. You can book a clarity call with me if you'd like to discuss the sessions or how this amazing event could power up your life and career


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