10 Things I Am Loving Right Now April

Happy April! Welcome to Spring, the second business quarter of the year and a whole lot of new possibility!

1. Bujo obsession continued... I am still getting to grips with favourite spreads and how to organise my journal but thanks to inspiration from Pinterest and the IG bujo community this mindful way of organising m life and business is proving super inspiring!

2. The Cotswolds! I was lucky enough to take a few days away this easter to celebrate a family birthday and enjoy the beautiful countryside of the Cotswolds! So many picturesque villages and many opportunities for spotting nature! We stayed in Bourton On The Water.

3. Spotify for listening to your favourite Podcasts! Its currently my go-to for catching up with my fave shows such as Kate Taylor's Practical Magic Podcast and now my very own Women Who Create Podcast too.

4. On the podcast note, Elise Joy has just resumed her fantastic show Elise Gets Crafty! First episode talking about The 100 Days Project... it's always an inspiring listen!

5. I'm just getting to grips with this Pace & Pattern planner as part of an exciting private Mastermind group created by my dear friend and peer Els Courtney.

6. Looking for a creative community of makers near you? Join your local Etsy team!

7. Season 10 of RuPaul's drag race is go! And I am already hooked. The sass is off the scale and I'm only 2 episodes in! Available now on Netflix and Logo TV I think.

8. I'm reading this book right now and learning lots of exciting facts about adaptogen herbs! Its fantastic - Super Herbs by Rachel Landon. I got my copy from The Works or you can find it online.

9. I've decided that my bedroom is a no phone zone at bedtime. I know it seems a bit extreme to some but I am already noticing positive outcomes such as deeper sleep and more vivid dreams! I really want to cut my time on social media down to 1 hour per day and hate that I have fallen into the trap of looking at my device first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Would love to hear if you do anything similar!

10. First seedlings of the year are peeking through our trays on the window sills in the kitchen and I could not be more excited! This year I am focusing more on salads and veg that is heavily packaged in plastic in the supermarket... as well as more wildflower mixes to entice bee's into our tiny inner city garden. I will share my progress over on the blog later this month.