The Magic Of Mood Boarding

Join contributing author Nicki Grainger of NSYM Styling in today's inspiring post

Do you remember a world before Pinterest?

I know, shudder to think, right? But many moons ago I had my own means of creative collage in the pre-pinning days. I’m talking mood boarding, the good old-fashioned cut-and-paste-paper manual method, and I’m here to advocate this creative tool by sharing how it’s helped me in my life.

Women Who Create / Emily Catherine Illustration

This fortnight we welcome Emily Catherine, illustrator and artist based in Nottingham uk. Emily's business though young in its years has already seen wonderful success and oppertunity! She specialises in hand-drawn and painted illustrations and has been involved with some awesome street art events and groups in Nottingham, creating large scale works that are totally eye catching in style! Read on for more insight and inspiration...

Misconceptions About Creativity

I've had many conversations over the years about what it means to be a creative/creative person/work creatively, and I wanted to clear a few things up especially for those striving to find more creativity in their work and life but struggling to do so because they have been blocked by a few common misconceptions about what it means.

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Women Who Create / Charlie Swift

To celebrate our WWC weekend which is being held in Bristol this coming weekend today i'd love to welcome Charlie Swift to the series. Her super stylish work is clear, creative and inspiring! Charlie is a self professed Instagrammer, blogger and self-employed social media and content creative, and will be talking to us today about her experiences as a creative business owner.

What's Holding You Back? The Final Countdown Has Begun

With Just under 2 weeks to go until doors close on enrolment onto our June #WWCweekend creative business retreat weekend, now is the time for those of you curious about our wonderful event but not sure if its the right for you to take a little time to sit back and think about the future of your creative business

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The Week My Woman's Hour Dream Came True

This week I was asked to share the craft creative business 'expert' side of my business journey which pushed me straight out of my comfort zone into the company of a group of (id say after only spending a couple of hours with them) some of the most talented craftswomen and creative business owners in the UK right now.

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Thoughts On Dealing With Change In A Creative Business pt.1

I know I am more than likely preaching to choir here, because no doubt those of you reading this who have already had experience of running creative projects, events and creative businesses as part of your career path will have often had times within that when you felt just this way. Like you no longer fit into the business that you have spent years working towards and creating around yourself. 

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