Tips For Running A Creative Business (pt.1)

Today I thought i'd share some of my own experience of setting up and running creative businesses to help you get on the right path from the get go and build a strong foundation from which to thrive and more importantly to evolve.

Amy Phipps
Women Who Create / Karli Dendy

Hey folks! This week I welcome fellow Etsy Captain and creative genius Karli, one half of Brighton based design dream team designosaurYEAH to the WWC interview series. Continue reading to get the scoop on their fun and colourful world!

Amy Phipps
Women Who Create / Lola Hoad

This fortnight I am thrilled to be able to introduce to you Lola Hoad aka LH Design & One Girl Band. Many of you will already know of Lola and her empowering women in business meet ups she holds in Brighton AND even more excitingly you will have seen her open the OGB studio space in the past couple of weeks!

Amy Phipps
Meet The WWC Weekend Coaches / Amy Phipps

Hello, i'm Amy and I am the founder of the #womenwhocreateUK blog, website, fb community and #WWCweekend. We have heard from the other amazing coaches who will be sharing their expertise at the first WWCevent in Bristol, so here is a little about me!

Amy Phipps
Why The WWC Weekend Event Is Right For You

This is not a drill! There is just one week to take advantage of the remaining early bird ticket discount and book yourself a spot on the WWC weekend in Bristol June 9th/10th/11th 2017... want to know more about why this creative business weekend event is perfect for you? Keep reading...

Amy Phipps
Women Who Create / Emma Nicol

This week Emma Nicol of Re:Done furniture talks to us about her journey from London arts educator through becoming a mum into working hard to create her dream business. How her experience of there never being a right time to start a creative business but that passion, sheer will, dedication and community can help you break through the boundaries along the way!

Meet The WWC Weekend Coaches / Planted

Meet Planted aka YBF nominees Gabriella and Molly, two home cooks with a shared love of all things foodie. Their cooking is all about naturally healthy, seasonal, plant based ingredients that make you feel amazing. And they will be cooking up a storm at the first WWC Weekend plus joining our panel Q&A session on the Sunday to chat all things creative women in business in our changing world of work.

Meet The WWC Weekend Coaches / Els Pontin

Want to know more about the exceptional women in business who will be coaching, teaching and sharing their skills and experience with the group of 15 wonderful women who are invited to the first Women Who Create Weekend in June? I thought you might!

Meet creative coach Els Pontin who will be sharing her acclaimed business expertise in her session on the first WWCweekend event in June. 

Women Who Create Weekend Tickets Live!

After months in the making I am so pleased to share my latest passion project with you all today on the blog. Those of you who follow the fortnightly women in business blog series or are on my mailing list will already have heard a few whispers about this exciting event… but today early bird tickets are on general release and full details are available to all my wonderful followers!

Women Who Create / Chloe & Abigail Baldwin

Welcome to the first instalment of Women Who Create Things Their Way series series 2. This year we are moving forward with the project and growing as we go. Adding new faces, skills, areas of expertise and experiences and inspiration to the fold. After a short break over the festive holiday we are back with a fantastic mix of interviewees!

Let’s kick things off with the creative duo Buttercrumble, a design and illustration company who aim to make you smile with their gorgeous playful design and super on it work ethic!

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Women Who Create / Ebonie Allard

Women Who Create /  Ebonie Allard. Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Ebonie to the blog to add a punch of power to the start of your week with her infectious energy and entrepreneur enabling skills. Read on to hear the totally inspiring story of how she turned her life on its head to become the business maven she is today and how she helps misfits like many of us to get to where they want to be in their creative business lives!

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Women Who Create / Ana Valls

Women Who Create / Ana Valls. Today I am happy to introduce the lovely Ana aka Coco Wawa Crafts to the blog. One part sewing fanatic, one part small business owner this lady’s colourful and joyful projects are infectious AND her jersey yarn selection rivals anything i’ve seen online! I look forward to seeing lots of exciting original patterns and collaborations from Ana.

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Women Who Create / Kate Rochester

Women Who Create / Kate Rochester. In this fortnight’s edition of women who create things I am excited to introduce to you designer and illustrator Kate Rochester. I first met Kate some years back when she took on a studio space with us in Brighton at our old HQ. Her joyful and colourful work always brings a smile to my face! Her love of colour and texture has filled many a children’s story book, map and more recently murals!

interviewsAmy Phipps
Women Who Create / Helen Hallows

Welcome to this weeks instalment of Women Who Create Things. This week I am happy to introduce you to artist/designer and one of my newest creative peers Helen Hallows. Helen’s work is full of texture, tone and the richness of nature and her no nonsense business practice & advice are extremely refreshing! Her gorgeous home garden studio is a trove of inspiration… take a look for yourself.

interviewsAmy Phipps