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Welcome to  the WWC Creative & Business Services Network. A curated collection of creative and business services.

A curated collection of creative and business services. Lead by women, for women. We have created a collective of exceptional independent women in business. Handpicked for their spectacular services, passion for creative living, and inspiring career experience. To help bring more clarity, innovation and confidence to other female entrepreneurs. All under one roof.

We are seeking inspiring members who are looking to work with and empower female entrepreneurs at all stages of their career.

The benefits of joining us?

  • No joining fee’s
  • No pricing restrictions
  • No jargon
  • We drive new traffic and clients directly to your product
  • You will be our featured service on the main sales page with clear call to action just for you (monthly rotation)
  • We only get paid when you book a client or make a sale!
  • We will promote your services to our audience via mailout, social media and on the blog!

How it works

  • You create an inspiring package and pricing that is exclusive in some way to WWC – We upload it all up on your unique page on our site
  • You choose your availability and add to Acuity calendar – Clients book a clarity call directly with you via Acuity Scheduling
  • You sell your product thought the site – We invoice you for 20% of you service package at the end of the working month
  • We use a special Acuity Scheduling link created by you to track traffic going through to your package however this may not always be clear. So its your responsibility to let me know if you receive a booking
  • Are you looking to book more clients or grow your audience through increased traffic to your site? Or perhaps feeling inspired to refresh an existing service into an exclusive product to build an exciting new offering? 
  • From coaching to cash flow, we believe that working as a community leads to success.


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