My Creative Coaching Toolkit

Working with me is like having access to a delicious pick and mix of creative techniques to help move you in a positive direction towards achieving your goals and creating positive change in your life and business. Combining awesome traditional coaching techniques with science based NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and creative tools such as image facilitation (person centred art therapy) and vision board making but to name a few.


Performance Coaching with NLP

Coaching allows us to define ‘well formed outcomes’ (so much more than your average goal!) and identify the best route to achieving them! And as a certified person centred life and business coach my job is to help you create positive change in those areas of your life or career you feel need a little creative magic! I am here to help you uncover your own already existing and unlimited resources through wonderful coaching tools and techniques.

Combining fantastic traditional coaching techniques with science based NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and creative tools such as those I outline above to help you work towards a life filled with more of what you want. Confidence, clarity, authenticity and happiness! Or whatever your unique future vision may be.

Whatever your goals are, I can support you to achieving them. I create sessions that are focussen on the positive, filled with wonderful tools and shaped to support your individual coaching needs… No one session is ever the same.

My creative coaching programmes have been carefully designed for creatives, makers, female entrepreneurs, aspiring business owners and multi-tasking mavens.


Magic Tiles Technique

A super creative problem solving tool to help increase focus, clarity and stillness of thought. In a hyper digital-visual world this technique can help us calm thoughts, clarify and re-focus. With no stylised exterior prompts to lead or inform, just colour texture your thought processes and motion. Based on the visual kinesthetic learning principles alongside some awesome journaling questions to get the most your positive energy and refocus using this gorgeous toolkit.

The aim is to use tiles to work through a problem / idea / blockage / creating a shift in energy a moment of clarity and reflection

There is no set way it should look – its all about how it feels and appears to you

Take time to really visualise the energy / feelings or issue as you pick up any tiles that jump out at you or that you associate with the thing, person, feeling, emotion that has arisen


Vision Boards & Guided visioning

Creating a vision board allows you to connect more deeply with where you want to get to in the future… with the help of visualisation and some good old manifestation. In fact the act of creating and focussing your attention on the vision board you have created alone is often enough to spark changes and help you bring more of what you want into your life and business. Helping you move towards your goals and stay on track with bigger picture planning.

When creating a board the images that you choose or that catch your eye might not make sense at first… but going with your gut is certainly the way to get the most out of visioning techniques. We are tapping into our subconscious when we use imagery so trust that the future YOU knows what’s what and has full intention of getting you to the best possible outcome!

I love creating regular vision boards to focus my attention and manifest big dreams. I have seen inspiring results from clients when working in this wonderfully creative way either one-to-one in our coaching sessions or with groups of women at my retreat events!

person centred art therapy skills for coaching

Person Centred Art Therapy Skills

Or PCATS as you might hear me refer to it as.

The person-centred model of Carl Rogers and art therapy processes of Liesl Silverstone lie it the core of this wonderful facilitative practice. Put simply the belief that the person (ie you the client) knows best, is responsible and can reach her own potential in a climate of empathy acceptance and congruence - therefore has the power to help and heal themself when the correct supportive environment is in place. By creating and working with images we are tapping into the unconscious in a totally different way to work on a much deeper level.

By bringing the person centred approach to images expressed in art form, integration, healing and growth can take place at every level of development.

If you are looking to work in a truly creative way this process can enable you to be less self-conscious and more spontaneous!