Amy Phipps and Super+Super HQ: The Backstory

Amy Phipps has always loved yarn! It led her to pursue a degree in knitting, during which time she won awards for her work. On graduating, Amy worked with a number of large high street brands, including creating exclusive collections for Topshop and Vanessa Redgrave.

Amy learnt the hard way that craft and fast fashion rarely play by the same rules, and her experiences opened her eyes to the reality of the industry in which she wanted to work. She realized her values around sustainability, equality, slow living, embracing opportunity, and lowering our impact on the environment were perhaps not compatible with the culture of the fashion industry as it currently stands.

Revisiting her passion for connection and creativity, Amy quickly realized the value of bringing crafts and creative techniques to groups of all ages. She delivered events and workshops delivering creative education, inspiring and empowering people, as well as allowing people to manage anxiety and so much more.

Teaching crochet, embroidery, and hand-knitting led Amy to share her curated events around the country. Whether it was blogger events, one-to-one tutoring, or hen parties, all of Amy’s sessions were infused with fun and colourful inspiration, as well as opportunities to develop creative problem-solving skills. Along with a commitment to excellence in craft, these are some of the core values Amy uses in her creative mentoring business to this day. 

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Starting Super+Super HQ with Claire Culley

From this community connection came the idea for Amy’s Brighton-based studio, Super+Super HQ. The first of its kind in the colourful seaside city, Amy and Claire poured all of their best ideas into this 3-storey workshop and created an amazing space for creative businesses to thrive and grow - a space where workshops and events could be hosted, and where creative community could develop.

During the course of running Super+Super, Amy and Claire published a number of craft books teaching creative skills like printmaking, embroidery, and crochet, as well as being a regular contributor to Mollie Makes.  

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Reflections on Super+Super HQ and the Creative Business Mentoring Journey


During Amy’s time in Brighton, she learnt the hard way that running a business (whether it’s as a freelance designer or an events’ organiser) is about continual growth, regular training, self-development, and embracing every day as it comes. 


Running a collaborative, creative, community-focused space gave Amy the opportunity to ask for support and advice from her peers. Her successful craft business also meant that many creative business owners in and around Brighton came to Amy for advice, searching for a creative business mentor and finding one in Amy’s thoughtful and creative support.

None of these things have come easily to Amy, or happened overnight:

I am a huge believer that dreaming big is hugely important, but it’s only the first part of your journey. It’s in the showing up, putting yourself out there into the world and doing the work you are inspired to do, no matter how many times it doesn’t go the way you planned, that brings abundant rewards and the career you dream of.

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