Founded in 2017 WWC is a community & platform for women who create in their businesses, careers and lives to share, support, grow, problem solve and connect with like minded entrepreneurs and creative women in business. This website has grown from the blog interview series 'Women Who Create Things' and is the start of a wonderful community and series of in person events... as well as a space to share the fortnightly WWC interview blog post and meet the latest featured creative.

Launching this spring a members space for like minded creative women to share work and projects for helpful critique, swap skills and unwanted materials, to share worksheets and tools, interesting podcasts/reading lists and creative diy projects.

Thank you for joining us, its lovely to see you here


The Women Who Create project started as a conversation between my creative coach and I at a point in my creative business journey when I was really struggling with where my path was leading me.  Stuck between fast crafts & finding something more true to my future path it felt like all my years of hard work were falling away to nothing. And I needed to reconnect with the WHY behind my creative business....

All I knew was that I loved the community I was part of and wanted to use my experience as a small business owner and designer to try and build something bigger to bring together the skills of all the amazing women I had been lucky enough to work with and build friendships with over the past 10 years. Inspiration!


The Women Who Create Things blog interview series was born. A starting point, a way to reconnect with those peers and share their experiences, projects and offerings within a network of like minded women AND to the a wider crafts audience with the hope that their journeys would inspire other women to take the leap into their passion projects & true career paths and not feel alone whilst doing so.

Its thanks to the creative women who are involved in this community that this project continues to grow and be open to new and exciting possibilities. If you'd like to get involved with the website or be featured on the blog please use the contact form below to say hello.

Amy x

Founder of the WWC UK website