Hi! I'm Amy

amy phipps mentor for women in creative business, etsy uk captain, crafter and author

I Champion women in business, empowering through creativity and connection.

Crafter, Mentor, Author, DIY garden enthusiast, Podcaster, Etsy team leader, Educator (huge fan of dark chocolate and decaf tea! Sporadic hula hooper)

I work with women who are looking to create a career that brings fulfillment and joy plus a sustainable income.

So what is it about me that has inspired hundreds of women who are creative at heart but fearful of action to embrace their calling, to show up and work towards their dream career?

I'm not a newby to the scene, I've earnt my crafters badge of honour. In fact I have been putting my money where my mouth is and working in the creative industry in one form or another for almost 15 years. And have learnt through trial, error and many a creatively freestyle freelance job to grow my own successful career.

My passion is to empower women in creative business to jump at the chances, take action and embrace any challenge the world has to throw at them. Because the idea of living a life less than remarkable - that doesn't reflect their true creative passion just isn't worth working for!

I work creatively with awesome people to increase confidence and well-being, problem solve and brake down barriers to success! Over the past few years my business has shifted and evolved as I have grown but at the heart of WWC is always creativity, community and connection.

Whether it be creating a unique vision of your ideal day, working through a problem solving session with journaling and my *coloured tile technique, planning SMART goals with colourful doodles or designing your next event simply using post it notes and marker pens. I love creating sessions that are enjoyable, interactive and inspire your next steps in business. Creatively.

Let's go back a little...

During my Knitwear degree I won awards for my design work which lead to high street collections and showed me that sharing your unique creative gifts pays off and spurred me on to complete my degree though I often felt like a misfit amongst my peers. Post uni I vowed never to turn my back on the years of hard work, broken knitting needles and studio time I'd put in to continue working towards my dream of living a creative life of some kind and being true to my passion for creativity and hand crafts.

So my path began as a freelance textiles designer swatching for a London design company and travelling europe as a rep showcasing studio designs at trade shows to the likes of Yamamoto, Hobbes to H&M. This lead to bespoke commissions for Topshop and Vanessa Redgrave where I learnt the hard way that craft and fast fashion rarely play by the same rules. Yet these experiences opened my eyes to the reality of the industry and where I wanted to be! That my values were about sustainability, equal pay and opportunity and lowering our impact on the environment which shaped my path forward with integrity and the values I live by today.

Through my passion for connection and community, I fast realised the value of bringing crafts and creative techniques to groups of all ages at events and workshops as a source of inspiration, empowerment, managing anxiety and so much more. Teaching crochet, embroidery, hand knit lead me to share my curated events to groups of all sizes all around the country. From one-on-one tutoring, to blogger events and hen parties. I infuse my sessions with fun and colourful inspiration, creative problem solving activities and a super insightful knowledge of crafts and making. Which are some of the core values I use in my own tool kit day in day out.

My Time as S+S

It's through this community connection that the idea for my Brighton based studio was born. At Super+Super HQ, the first of it's kind in town myself and business besty Claire created a 3 storey workshop and business space for small creative business to thrive and grow. A venue for workshops, events and mentoring in the heart of the city. Another amazing stepping stone in my colourful journey!

*Disclaimer alert

None of these things have come easily... or at least just happened overnight. I am a huge believer that dreaming big is hugely important, but is only the first part of your journey. It's in the showing up, putting yourself out there into the world and doing the work you are inspired to do, no matter how many times it doesn't go the way you planned, that brings the abundant rewards and career you dream of.*

During my time in Brighton I often learnt the hard way that running a business, whether it be as a freelance designer or an events organiser waiting for a group of 30 to arrive, is about continual growth, regular trainings, self development and embracing every day/project/opportunity as they come. And never forgetting to ask for support and advice from peers.

So as small business owner and author of 5 crafts books pitching myself to the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards panel. Or as a mentor to textiles graduates looking for support to start their creative journey, but lacking in business experience and support. I can honestly say that no experience I have lived over the past 15 years goes unused in my creative business.


So if you want to know more about my work as a mentor, Etsy captain, published author, designer-maker, podcaster or anything else... my mission is to empower your exciting creative vision through my years of trial and error, inspiration and learning. I'd love to chat.


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— Amy Phipps